Pyaar ki yeh ek kahani ( swaragini ) Episode 6


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So episode start with.
Laksh and ragini is fighting.
Swasan say stop it.
Swara. I will go and get food for you.
Sanskar. I will also come are else i will get mad here with there fights.
Swara laugh and say ok. You can come with me.
They leave.
Laksh. So what chapkali.
Ragini. Laksh.
Laksh. Its lucky.
Ragini. Ha ha lucky.
Laksh. Yes.
Ragini. Dont you think sanskar like swara.
Laksh. I dont think so.
Ragini. Og Maybe its me.
Laksh. Yea.
Ragini. Naaga ho tum ( you are snake ).
Laksh. Aur tum meri naagin.
Ragini laugh.
Laksh get happy seeing her smiling.

Swara. Sanskar can you give me glass.
Sanskar. Yes.
Swara. Thanks.
Sanskar. Welcome.
Sanskar. Swara can de meet tommorow at beach.
Swara. Ok.
Sanskar. OK be there.
Swara. OK.
Swasan leave.

Swaragini room.
Ragini when will she come i am hungry.
Laksh even i am.
Ragini i will not give you my food OK.
Swara. Here is your food eat it.
Ragini take it and was about to eat when laksh snatch the spoon and start eating.
Ragini get angry and say laksh tum nera kaana maat kao.
Laksh plz even i am hungry. Ok er will share.
Ragini taik hai.
Both start eating after eating.
Sanskar. Laksh lets go home.
Laksh. Ok and goes with him.
Swaragini bye guyz.

Sanlak goes home.
Ap. Why are you guyz late
Sanskar. Ma woh hamari ek dosta ko bokhara ta ish liye.
Ap. Ok. And ask how is he now.
Sanskar. Maa woh ek ladki hai.
Ap. Ok how is she.
Sanskar. Fine.
Ap. Come have food.
Laksh. I have eated you eat bhai.
Sanskar. I am not hungry.
Ap. Ok.
Sanlak leave to there rooms.
Laksh goes in and sleep.
Sanskar goes and think to tell swara about his feeling for her and sleep.

Precap. Swasan confesson.

Credit to: Munazza

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