Pyaar ki yeh ek kahani ( swaragini ) Episode 5


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The episode start with.
Sanlak and swaragini goes home.

At @MM.
Sanskar is thinking about swara and get happy.
Sanskar i think i am falling in love with swara. And get happy and goes to sleep.
In the morning.
Swara get up and goes to bathroom and get ready and goes to ragini and say ragini ladoo wakeup plz na
Ragini was not saying anything.
Swara get tensed.
And take blanket off and say ragini and put hand on her head and say she have fever.
Sumi what happened beta.
Swara må ragini ko fever hai.
Sumi kya.
Sumi goes to ragini and put hand on her head and say swara you dont worry and go to collage. I will take care og her
Swara nods in yes and leave.

Sanskar and laksh goes down to hall and eat food.
Ap. Collage kis ja raha hai.
San. Thaik hai ma.
Ap. OK beta.
Sanlak goes too collage and see swara alone and where is ragini.

Swara she have a high fever that why is not here.
San. Sad .
Laksh. So how is she noe i mean.
Swara. OK but fever high hai too isliye nahi aa pai collage.
Laksh. No problem.
San. You come with us na.
Swara nod and leave with them.
In the way swara get a call and its from sumi.
Yes ma.
Sumi. Come home.
Swara. Is ragini alright.
Sumi. Tum bas ghar aao.
Swara. OK ma.
Sanlak what happened .
Swara. Dont noe yaar i think ragini.
I will come with you.
Even i will.
Swara OK and goes with them.

At home.
Sumi. Doctor how is she.
Doctor. I have gived her injection she will be OK after some time here is some medicins give is too her.
Sumi. OK doctor and take doctor out and say thanks doctor.
Doctor. No problem. And leave.
Swara come and ma what happened.
Sumi. Swara ragini ko.
Swara. Ha maa kya.
Sumi. High fever.

Swara goes to ragini and say ladoo pls get up na.
Sanlak come in and sees ragini and consloe swara.
San. Swara she will be OK.
Swara. How.
San. Plz yaar dont cry.
Just then ragini get up and say swara.
Ragini. I am OK soohna.
Swara hug ragini and cry.
Ragini consloe her and say i am OK na.
Laksh. Ha witch is alright.
Rags. What.
Laksh. What.
Ragini. What did you called me witch.
Laksh getting smart ha.
Ragini get angry and throw pillow at laksh.
Laksh throw back.
Swasan stop it yaar .
Screen freeze on them.

Credit to: Munazza

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  1. Nice Munazza keep it up,but can u plzz tell me where I can watch swaragini frm 11 Jan I missed all episodes it’s not even on Youtube

  2. high fever may be fight raglak how can

  3. Awesome

  4. Unkwn you can watch full episodes on

  5. nyc 1

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