Pyaar ki yeh ek kahani ( swaragini ) Episode 4


Hello everyone.

So the episode start with.
Sahil araav and sawaragini enter the restaurant.
Sanlak also are coming after them and sit on the chair and take newspaper in front of the face and spy on swaragini.

Sahil: waiter.
Aarav: one briyani plz.
Swara: me too.
Ragini: even I.
Sahil: so take for me too.
They all have a chat.
They play a song ( sanam re ).
Sahil ask ragini and aarav ask swara to dance with them. They agreed and goes with them.
Sanlak feel jealous and think why we are feeling jealous ha.
Laksh: is ki to.
Sanskar: ha nahi to.
Sanlak get angry but take a breath.

Sahil and ragini is dancing.
Sahil: you are very beautiful.
Ragini: thanks even you are handsome.
Sahil: thanks yaar.
Ragini: you welcome.
Sahil: so we are friends na.
Ragini: if we are not then I wouldn’t have comed here. So basically we are friends.
Sahil get happy and smile at ragini.

Aarav: swara.
Swara: yes.
Aarav: who you love most ha.
Swara: of course mom, dad, ragini, dida, dadi.
Aarav: (surprised) nice yaar.
Swara: yes and you.
Aarav: same.
Both smile at eachother.
And they all four go and sit on there’s chairs.

They eat the food and after that eat sweet.
Swara sees sanskar and get happy and think is he spying on me. And eyes ragini and say look there with eyes ragini looked there and sees sanlak there and laugh
Sahil: what happened.
Ragini: nothing yaar just like that.
Aarav and sahil leave too pay bill.
Sanlak come to swaragini and say sorry guys.
Swara: til yesterday you haved tashan and now you guys are saying sorry.
San: sorry na baba.
Swara: ok .
Laksh: me too ragini .
Ragini: yea whatever.
Laksh: plz na.
Ragini: ok.
Sahil and aarav come there and say ok guy we did our work now we will leave.
Sanlak shocked.
Sanlak: what kind of work.
Swaragini: to make you guys say sorry.
Sanlak: get angry.
Swaragini: laugh and get hifive to sahil and aarav and they leave.
So boys at last you accept that it was your fault.
Sanlak: yea whatever so friends.
Swaragini: were we not before.
Sanlak: yes but still na.
Swaragini: ok.
They sit and have a chat.

Precap: sanskar relize his feeling for swara.

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Credit to: Munazza

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