Pyaar ki yeh ek kahani ( swaragini ) Episode 3


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The episode start with.
Swaragini is getting up and get ready and goes to collage.
On the other side sanlak is getting up and get ready and goes to collage.

Swara: what do you think will they apologize.
Ragini: ofcourse.
Swara: look they are coming don’t show that we are waiting for them too apologize to us.
Ragini: ok chill and say we have too laugh that they think we are ok without them.
Swara: yes.
Swaragini laugh loud.
San: yaar look at them they are having chill na.
Laksh: ha woh bhi mere bina. Who.
San: kis ko bhi teri zaroorat nahi hai lucky.
Laksh: great I will leave.
San: sorry lucky.
Both sanlak goes in.
Ragini: see yaar they are showing us attitude
Swara: ha yaar.
Ragini: leave it let them realize that.

After some classes.
Swaragini and sanlak leave for canteen.
Swaragini was sitting on chairs and too boys come too them and say.
Boy1: hi girls
Swara: hi (and look at sanskar.)
Boy2: hello ragini u look nice anyways.
Ragini: thanks yaar.
Boy2: anytime well my name is aarav.
Boy1: mein sahil.
Swaragini: nice names.
Sanlak: how are they yaar let go.
Swara: so which class.
Sahil: same class as you.
Swara: you are nice and pull his cheek.
Sanskar: wow isne mere sath tu aisa kabhi nahi kai na.
Laksh: bhai are feeling jealous.
Sanskar: pagal ho kya.
Laksh: oh
Sanskar: yes.
Aarav and sahil ask swaragini to come with them both goes with them. Sanlak feel bad and goes after swaragini.

Swaragini and sahil and aarav goes to a restaurant.
Sanlak enter there.

Precap: sanlak spy on swaragini.:-)

Credit to: Munazza

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