Pyaar ki yeh ek kahani ( swaragini ) Episode 2


Hello everyone.

The episode start with.
Swasan raglak enter at the same coffe shop but could not see eachother.

Sanskar call waiter and say one dark coffee and one cold coffee.
Waiter leaves.
Swara: so i was just thinking why we never talk too eachother ha.
Sanksar: maybe because i was shy guy that why.
Swara: so are still shy guy are.
Sanskar: not now i was.
Swara: ok.
Sanskar: why did”t you talk too me.
Swara: i thought you never liked me so that why.
Sanskar: i never said that.
Swara: but i thought.
Sanskar: ok na.
Waiter come and give dark coffee to sanskar and cold coffee to swara.
Both drink and swara sees sanskar and smile.
Both share a eyelook.

Ragini: waiter pls too cold coffee.
Waiter leave.
Laksh so.
Ragini see around and sees swara.
Laksh what happened.
Ragini point finger and laksh sees there and say bhai.
Ragini what.
Laksh he is my brother sanskar.
Ragini she is my sister swara.
Both goes to swasan.
Ragini: swara.
Swara: ragini.

Laksh: bhai.
Sanskar: lucky tum.
Raglak yes we what are you guys doing here.
Sanskar woh.
Raglak woh kya.
Sanskar but tell me na what are you guys doing here.
Raglak coffee.
You guys.
Swasan same coffee.
Both raglak and swasan sit down and drink coffee and have a chit chat.

After some time.
They all leave in the road.
Swaragini say we want icecream.
Sanlak goes to take icecream.

Some goons come and say wow.
Pls yaar isko mere liya.
No yaar kabhi bhi nahi.
Goons come close too swaragini both get scared and shout.
Sanlak sees this and get angry but then sees the goon and his muscles and get scared.
Sanlak get a idea.

Sanlak goes toward goons and say.
San: bhai.
Laksh: do you like them.
San: but they are pagal na.
Goon: tumne mujhe kya pagal samjha hai.
Laksh: no bhai they are.
Swaragini get angry and give a evil eye.
Sanlak understand that and say they are mad see.

Swaragini act too be mad.
Goons: get scared and say we dont like them. You guys take them and goes from there.
Sanskar: yes bhai we will take this mads from here.
Swaragini get angry say are we mad.
Sanlak think how they act too be mad and start laughing.
Swaragini get angry and shout on them.
Sanlak get quiet.
Swara: are we mad.
San: we just helped you guys.
Laksh: ha ragini.
Rags: tum tu baathi na karo.
Laksh: ok as your wish.
Rags get angry and say lets go swara.
Sanskar: plz guys.
Swara: no plz
Ragini you guys deserve to get punished.
Sanlak: we dont give a damn
Swaragini: ok we will not talk too you too ok bye both goes from there.
Sanlak: ha ha we will see.

Swaragini leave.
Sanlak also leave in tashan.

Precap: swaragini is angry with sanlak.

Sanlak try too make swaragini happy. 🙂

Hope you guys like that pls do comment thanks.
Sorry for if I did any mistakes.

Credit to: Munazza

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