Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani (Episode 2)

Hiiii ! Guys, First time I am going to write a FF on one my favourite series PKYEK with some additions and darkness hope you like it. If you like, please do comment. you can tell me your suggestions or complaint regarding FF. So let’s get started.

Scene starts with frames of Mahatma gandhi and Savityribai phule moves towards the mother (christian religion) of orphanage sitting in her desk speaking with the childrens of orphanage.

Mother: Everything is clear ! Radha
Radha: Yes mother.
Nother;- Shrushti, all the arrangements done?…
Shrushti: Everything is in order, mother. We have taken care of everything. U don’t worry!
Little Ruhi: When we are going to tell her ? Now, because she is upset and thinks we didn’t remember the day at all.
Radha: shhh! not now, don’t say again if she learn to know, then everything will be fail.
Ruhi: She is not here, wailking near the lake. I have seen her just minutes before.
mother: ok, then fine! get ready after 1and half hour, we will so everything , we have planned. Dismissed.

Everyone goes from ther and scene shifts to outside of orphanageat lake, a girl is walking from here and there. She is fully mesmrised with the beauty of lake, sunset and sounds of birds and seems happyand smiling having stick in her hand. (looking totally awesone i.e. beautiful. her beautiful curly hairs are floating in air, somewhat and some of on her sholder from front.
Within a fraction, she gets out of that state and looking like littlie bit sad and angry.
Girl: Impossible11 How this can be happening to me ? None remember what the day is tody. How can be they so careless. I am not going to talk anybody.I thought, everyone will wish me and dances and the day will be end with lots of joy and memories. But alas! all the expectations have been wasted…

At this moment Ruhi comes ther,…
Ruhi: DIdi!!! Mother wants to see u. There is a problem need to be solve.
Girl:Problem! lets go hope everything will be alright..
Ruhi: Yes, only cats fight.
girl: Sam and kiku..

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..