Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani (Episode 1)

Abhay is walking in forest and is thinking

Abhay:How can Piya resemble to Maithili?How?

Tears roll down from his cheeks.He thinks

Abhay:Even after she have came back I can’t live her as she is a human and I a beast a vampire.

Abhay gets emotional when Chand comes to him and says

Chand:Abhay I know that Priya resembles to Maithili but remember you can’t love her as she is a human.

Abhay:I know dad and I also know how to control my feelings.

Chand:I don’t think so.

Abhay:Dad if you don’t think they don’t think also.

He leaves from there in anger.

At Mount college Piya is sitting on bench and thinks

Piya:Abhay is very rude.I can’t believe that someone can be this much rude.

Piya is thinking when Kabir comes there and says

Kabir:Piya what are you thinking?

Piya Jerks from her thought and says


Kabir:Okay so why are you sitting here alone?

Piya:No I was just willing to sit alone.And where is Mishra?

Kabir is about to tell when Mishra comes there and Kabir murmurs

Kabir:She took the name of devil and devil.

Misha:What are you telling Kabir?


Misha:Piya come know yaar I have got bored.

Piya:So do some studies.

Misha:What!I have already studied in class now please don’t take the name of study.

Piya:So what you want to do?

Misha:Let’s talk know.Don’t you think Abhay is rude?

Kabir:Don’t talk about him only.He always stays alone behaves weirdly and is very rude.


Precap:Abhay to save Piya’s life.


  1. Piyali


    |Registered Member

    wow…..siddhi you are writing on abhiya……… of my favourite jodi’s wow……..amazing………rude abhay and sweet piya……………….vampire story…..amazing…..waiting for next chapter….love you……… happy…….

  2. Vaishali


    |Registered Member

    awesome a ff on abhiya wow u dont know how much happy i am now awesome cool episode waiting fr ur next episode siddhi

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.