Pyaar Ki Taaqat…Ek Duje ke Vaaste..Three shot-2


Hiii friends..

Its Abhi.

Here is the second part of my 3shot.

Shravan starts thinking their past… Flashback
Sumo and Shravan were best friends and also both had some kind of special feelings to eachother.
Once when sumo n Shravan were in shravu’s house ..shravu asks sumo to cook something special for him as he is doing her homeworks.sumo went to kitchen for it.Priya comes to shravu at that time.(Here,Priya is shravu’s mom).
Priya:shravu..where is sumo?? shravu:She will be in kitchen..I asked her to make something special,for me.
Priya smiles.
She later realised that she forgot to switch off the stove after using.She ran from there to the kitchen. In the kitchen Sumo is trying hard to light the stove.Priya comes there running and pushed sumo from there.But unfortunately sumo had already lighted it.Blast!!!! Shravu was shocked to hear the noise and he runs to the kitchen.He found sumo lying on the floor unconscious.He pours water on her face.She gets concious.Shravu is continuously crying.
Shravu:Sumo…are you alright??sumo..
Sumo:Iam fine …but priya mom.. Shravu gets panic and starts asking:What happened to mom..where is she,.? sumo said everything to shravu..
hearing it Shravu starts crying more loudly..Sumo was trying to console him but he pushed her away saying that she is the reason of his mom’s death.
From that day onwards Shravan hates his sumo..but still his heart loves her more than anything as he know that it was not sumo’s mistake.. Shravan went to London with his uncle after doing his mom’s final rights.

After 8 years..
Many things changed in this eight years…Even i changed.Sorry sumo..I hurt you alot.Sorry..Iam coming back sumo,to give that happiness to you which I snatched from you 8years back…
Shravan reached Mumbai.The first place he went was none other that sumo’s house.He rang the calling bell. Suddenly someone opens the door.Shravan was shocked to see the person.
“Nanu”he said.. Nanu:Shravan …You?? Nanu gets happy to see him.
Nanu:How is kamini..varun sab.. Shravan:They all are fine.. Actually Shravan is looking here n there.. Nanu understood that shravu is searching for his sumo., Shravan:Nanu..vo actually..i want to meet,.,….
Nanu:Sumo is not here..actually she started an orphanage near TB junction. She will be …. Before Nanu could complete his words itself Shravan ran from the house..He starts the car…
Shravan reached the place.. He reads the board…”SS orphanage”.. Shravan:SS kyu..??whatever…first,let me see her.. He starts crossing the road .. “Tuckkkkk”.. Suddenly many people starts gathering around the road.
Shravan:Whats going on there…
He crossed the road And managed to get inside the crowd… Shravan was shocked to find sumo lying on the road drenched in blood,. Shravan shouts”Sumo…” He takes her to hospital..

Thats the end of second shot.. How was it guys..?. Now you almost got an idea sumo came to this comma situation..n last shot i will write sumo’s POV of this situation..then you will understand more clearly.. How do you think shravu n his sumo will unite??? Sorry NIBIR..i couldn’t post yesterday ..Sorry..

Credit to: Abhi

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