Pyaar Ki Taaqat…Ek Duje ke Vaaste..Three shot-1


Hiii friends..
Iam a damn fan of ek duje ke vaaste..
So I thought of writing a three shot on shraman..Hope you guys will support me..

The story starts in a hospital.A girl is lying in the hospital bed .She is having oxygen mask,some stitches etc.Her eyes are open,but still there is no emotion in her face.A guy is sitting beside her and is crying like a child.He is shaking the girl and asking her to open her eyes.But she is not responding at all.He cries loudly.
Doctor enters the room.
Guy:Doctor,what happened to her?Why she is not responding?
Doctor:She is in a comma.
Doctor:Yes..but dont lose hope.Keep the faith that she will come back to her life.
Guy:But when doctor??(!crying)
Doctor:Maybe within an hour,with day,within a week,within a month,within an year..can’t say anything…keep trying to make her happy.
Doctor leaves.
The guy cries..
He thinks:No no..i should not cry in front of her,..i should make her happy.He wipes his tears..!But what can i do to make her happy.?

He goes to her and sits beside her.
He controls his emotion and smiles in front of her.

Guy:Sumo…dont do this yaar..come,lets go for a long drive..come on wake love long drives na..come..
She doesnt react.The guy gets disappointed and he was about to cry..but he controls his emotions .He again smiles at her and said:Sumo..i have a very good news for you..I bought your old house in your name.
No change in her ..the same blank expression itself.The guy is weeping inside still he controls himself.
Guy:ok dont trust me na??Look here is its documents..Look.
(No reaction in sumo’s face.)
Now he couldnt control himself and he burst out .
The guy is crying loudly and shouts
Guy:Sumo..wake up and look at this..sumo..He is shaking her..sumo…
The doctor comes to him and stops him should control your sadness in front of her and should make her happy else she will never..
Shravan broke doctor’s words and said:No doctor..i will make her happy..i will bring my old sumo back at any cost..I will do anything for it.

That’s the end of first shot..
So guys,what do you think.. Will shravan get his old sumo back??
How did sumo came to this comma stage?How will she come back to her life??

Keep reading guys..

Credit to: Abhi

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  1. Silpa k sivadasan

    Wat happend to sumo
    Cant c shravan in tears
    Plz update soon

    1. I will post next part soon..thankyou.??

  2. its was good…looking for nxt part 🙂

    1. Thankyou ishu…i will post next part soon??

    1. Thanks dear..?

  3. Nice start. .
    Waiting for the next update

    1. Thanks yaar.. ?

  4. I just loved it…..pls continue it soon…..waiting fr u r next update….

    1. Thankyou so much yaar,.will post next part soon.?

    1. Thanks..?

  5. waiting for next update

    1. Will post soon..?


      1. Thankyou NIBIR…n thanks again for this link..n yes.he will get his sumo back..

      2. Its so sweet of u..links mere liye bohut useful dha..

  7. It was really a very cute one…plss update next short fast..

    1. Thanks aashu?..I will post it tomoro..??

  8. waiting fr u r update dear…. pls continue soon….:)

    1. I have submitted it…TU will post it soon..?

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