Pyaar Ki Taaqat…Ek Duje ke Vaaste..Last shot


its me Abhi..
Here is the last shot..

Sumo’s POV
I was playing with some children in my orphanage.Suddenly i found him getting out from his car,at first i thought its just my dream ..but was him,after 8 years..I start running towards him.I didn’t even care about the traffic,suddenly something hits me with a heavy force..I don’t remember anything else.
Now,i can see my shravu infront of me but don’t know why,Iam not able to speak anything,my hands are not moving,my eyes are not expressing my feelings..why? its too much..please yaar come with me,.come lets have a coffee from panchu uncle’s shop..You always asked me to take you there,right? Come,lets go now..
No reaction … Shravan gets disappointed and leaves from the room crying. Shravan comes to sumo’s house n informs everyone about sumo.All rushes to hospital. Shravan is still in the house,sitting on a sofa n crying.Suddenly a noise struck in his ears.He reaches a room by following the noise.Yes,its sumo’s room.The noise came as the things which are hanged there starts moving due to wind.The room is filled with many photos.Some of those are sumo n shravu’s .He looks at those pictures emotionally.Suddenly he notices a book in her shelf kept misplaced.He takes the dairy and opens it.In the first page,a childhood photo of sumo n Shravan .Its written,my best friend. He was about to open the next page,but he gets a call from Nanu.So he takes the dairy and rushes to the hospital.
Nanu cries.. Nanu:Shravan,what these doctors are saying ?? They are saying that sometimes sumo might be in comma forever.

Shravan:Dadu dont worry..nothing like that will happen.i promise you that I will bring our old sumo back.
Shravan enters sumo room(hospital).He sits beside her in a chair n looks at her emotionally with lots of love in his eyes. He opens the next page of her dairy.Its written”I behaved so rudely with him many time..i want him to forgive me for that”. Shravan shouts..sumo I forgive you ..ab please open your eyes.please sumo.. Sumo has no reaction.Shravan is not crying because he dont want his sumo to get more hurt. Shravan reads the next page..”I love to eat cookies..not alone,with my bestie shravu”.He ran from there n buy cookies.He eats one cookie n offers her the other one.sumo …its for u take it..please.still No reaction.He hides his tears and start reading the next page…next page.. Now only two more page are remaining ..Shravan couldn’t control his tears now as she didn’t even react after doing this much.He reads the second last page.”in these eight years i found one thing.Shravan is not only my bestie..he is something more than that for me..Yes,i love him.i love him more than myself” Shravan cries loudly after reading it.He looks at sumo with mixed kissed her forehead n shouts..Sumo..I LoVe You..i love you so much,..i love you more than anything..I came there for saying this to you..but..leave just say me that you love me..come on sumo..say..He starts crying again more loudly..”say that you love me dammit” A drop of tear falls from her eyes to his hand.He looks at her surprisingly.

Tears are flowing from her eyes without any emotion on her face. Shravan shakes her n shouts”sumo..i love you..pls wake up n say that u love me” Shravan cries loudly. Suddenly ,due to the wind,dairy’s page turns out. Now its the last page.

Shravan takes the dairy n gets shocked reading it.All of a sudden he runs from the room and comes back after 5 minutes along with Dadu n whole family. Shravan:Sumo..iam gonna fulfill the biggest dream of yours.
He takes out a mangalsutra from his pocket.He ties it around her neck. He then applies vermillion on the middle of her hairline. your its not for your bestie,..its for your husband,..pls sumo. Sumo’s heart starts beating faster.. They calls doctor. Doctor asks everyone to leave the room. Shravan was about to leave but suddenly some fingers held his hand.He turns. Shravan:Sumo..
Shravan cries,but now its due to happiness. Suman:Shra…shra..shravu.. Doctor:Actually she is alright now..But she don’t remember whatever happened till now from her accident looks like a one recovered from comma this fast.You love made her strong today. Doctor leaves. Sumo:Shravan.,hey that’s my dairy right.?

Shravan :hmm
Sumo:How dare you take my dairy..No one have the right to take Suman Tiwari’s personal things,.Give it.
Shravan:Its Suman Tiwari’s right?Then why do you want it Mrs Shravan Malhotra??? His question made her struck for a moment.she then notice the vermillion n mangalsutra. She looks at Shravan shockingly. Sumo:Shravan…yeh.. Shravan:yes,..u r my wife now..the biggest dream of yours is completed now..happy?? He smiles. Sumo cries.
Sumo:Iam sorry Shravan. Shravan:sorry..?i should say that..i blamed you unnecessarily..sorry sumo. Both hugs each other and cries. After sometime,they breaks the hug. Shravan:So now what?? Sumo:Discharge.. Shravan:after that.. Sumo:After that..what?? Shravan leans towards her n says”marriage is done..suhaagrat ka kya”.He smirks. Sumo blushes N pushes him. The story ends with the smiling faces of shraman.

Guys was it? As itz my first trial on shraman,forgive me for grammatical mistakes,n also for making u guys little bored.. Anyway,thanks a lot for reading.Waiting for your feedbacks. Bye yours, Only n only. Abhi

Credit to: Abhi

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Superb I loved it abhi.

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  2. Awesome.enjoyed it a lot

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  3. superb epi.its gives peasure too.

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  4. Abhi ur one shot is awesome yaar. Loved it soooooo good keep it up

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  5. oh my god suhaagraat??????????.wonderful amazing shot.all the 3 shots were wonderful abhi.i cant comment immediately i went 2 my native place

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        me tooo 🙁

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  7. Nice ff abhi

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  8. Wow..this is just awesome..u r such an awesome writer..loved it.. 🙂

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      1. Hmm..pls write ur YVR ff when u r free..will be waiting for worries if u hav exam..ik u r studying in 10th.. 🙂

      2. As I have coaching class…i will write one of those ff..which one you want..hidden truth or love starts from care.?

      3. That’s fine Abhi..u write after ur coaching class finishes..if possible write any of it..I love both the ff’s.. 🙂

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  9. are these scenes happen in drama

    1. Thanks di..but i didn’t get what u mean..

  10. i’m angry on u. u said u cant update till june but u r writing here. pooo i’m crying vigorously.

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      1. Ok …i will post kidnapper ff..but not daily..tomoro I cant post as tomoro I have to go school for buying books.,So from Tuesday I will post..but not that ok..

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      okk..i will write a one shot on swaragini on coming Wednesday..but not in this name..Name I will give “for u”.Its bcus of two,so that no one will ask me to continue ff in this month..second reason,iam writing it for you…I hope now u r not angry on me..pls..pls…dont cry too..pls..

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  11. s*X AND ALL HAAN

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  12. Is it real serial story or your fantasy?

    1. Its my fantasy,…not serial story,.Thankyou so much??

  13. I read again and again its awesome abhi

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      missing you…when will u come back.?

  14. Hey abhi I m new to this page but ur slots were amazing…??

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