Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 8) Part 2

A:do u know something na rithi she is the one who made their parents accept 4 her bhais love&see if she could feel her bhais love at a vry young age thn she will definitely feel my love&accept it one day ,RI:haan romeo ur juliet will definitely feel it soon,V:ok guys we’ll con this love story during our classes as its time to leave 4col na,thn the 4 get inside the car&reached the col aft sometimd the col was over thn abhi left to pragyas scl he used to follow her where ever she goes sometimes he used to tlk to her by using akash name

[as he just want to talk with her]as days passed abhigya became close to eachother&now they were frnds one day in abhis col,RI:Hey abhi whn u will introduce us to her na,A:haan rithi i am also looking frwd 4 a chance to introduce u guys ,SH:hey dude chances r not given as v shld find it,A:i know yaar but,while they r searching 4a chance to meet her virat comes thr ,V:hey dude this is 4u he frwds an invitation&says 2morrow is akash brtday u all r coming,A:hey guys i got an idea!!

Credit to: Pavi


    • Maya ??

      Actually Pavi thanks for ur kind words and dont know whether u had seen my reply to ur comment. So i tell here once again… Not stressed at all just regular irritation tat students have if dont understand smthing… Apart from that not stressed and tks for ur advice and wishes. Thank u friend!? I also wish u the same success in ur life!

  1. Surbhi

    Superb pavi finally abhi and pragya became friends now keep this speed as i am enjoying this alot ?????

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