Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 6)


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the epi starts with abhi waiting4 pragya near her tution centre at that time he notices pragya coming with akash[guys AK:akash is virat’s younger bro],A:hey akash,AK:bhai u here wht a pleasant surprise&by the way pragya he is abhi mera bhai ka dhost hain,P:hai abhi i am pragya glad to meet u[she forwads her hand 2twards him],A:abhi was lost in her then he came back to his senses and shake his hands with her at that time ranveer arrives&pragya leaves saying bye to them,A:abhi gets irked now another one then he thinks to ask akash abt her hey bro who is he,AK:he is her bro bhai,A:Bro!! Thn the one who pickup her frm schl& the one who drops her in tution,AK:they r also her bhai,A:bhai!!r u clear that all the 3 r her bhai,AK:not3 but4,A:wht,AK:haan bhai she is having 4bhai but bhai r u following her since mor,A:no nothing like that saying this he left frm thr in car he was laughing thinkng abt him

Credit to: Pavi

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  2. sana ( abhigya )

    Nice pavi

  3. Ohhhhhh soooooo sweet n cute yaar abt abhi reaction when he knows tat pragya has 4 bro

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