Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 4)


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the epi starts with RV:arey bhai y u guys r laughing at me,R:arey ranveer u just turn bck then u will know y v r laughing,RV:arey bhai is there any gost behind me,P:not ghost its me,ranveer murmured to himself:ghost is much better than u this choti is really vry swt but when she becomes angry she looks terrible than a angry bird saying this he slowly turned 2wards her,P:How dare u? saying this she started chasing him as he began to run,then raghav called her,R:Choti don’t u have ur school tdy,P:oh shit i am coming bhai its all just bcoz of this idiot,

SARLA MA:beta eat something&go,P:no ma its already late,who is going to drop me 2day,all the 4 in chorus:me,R:k i have an idea guys i will drop her in school,siddanth u pick up her from school,prem u drop her in tution class&ranveer u pick up her frm there now its time to leave so come on choti let’s leave,raghav&pragya was in car they stop the car due to signal abhi’s car was nxt to thm but abhigya didn’t noticed echoth

Credit to: Pavi

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  3. Hey guys thnks a lot for ur support & haan guys[P:PRAGYA,PR:PREM,R:RAGHAV,RV:RANVEER,S:SIDDANTH,A:ABHI,I:ISHANI,K:KALPI,RO:ROLI,SM:SIMAR,PU:PURAB] as i said u na guys i have wrds limit so i used to give their initials&sorry…sorry…sorry billion times sorry 4 giving tamil sng as i don’t knw that much hin sng and here aft i will reply u through comments&thnks a lot guys 4 ur com

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