Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 2)


Thks a lot guys 4 ur precious com haan guys i 2 know its 2 shot as i am upd frm my phone i have words limit so pls 4give me but i’ll try&

guys coming to the story,
pragya asked them why u guys r here this ear mor?!,
Prem[pr]:actually choti u woke up this much ear na,
S:so we came here,
R:to give u some drn to make u feel fresh,RV:& see urself[saying this he turned her towards mirror]see our choti cutie’s face is looking soo tired na hearing this she just smiled&turned 2wards them&said
P:its so sweet of u bhai’s luv u all a lot but who made this?!!
R:none other than us choti,P:oh bhai why u did this all u would have called me na,
PR:But choti we just made it 4 u,
S:so how could we call u,RV:wait wait do u think that it won’t be good,
P:no bhai nothing like that& don’t u know that anything with ur love is sweet 4 me then they all shared a cute hug,
P:shall i say something bhai ,
R:haan say it choti,
P:shall we share our drnks,
RV:Nice idea choti but it will cause some digestion prb na if everything mix together!!!

Credit to: Pavi

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  1. awesome yaar last part semaya irunthu all the drinks mixing but long a upate panna try pannu pa pls pls u write too good se we culd enjoy more na pla

    1. Don’t req dear just order me like ur frnd

  2. Superb yaar… Really I loved it tz bro love to their sis I really shd say a girl having Bhai is the luckiest person in tat world…

    1. Shall i say something yaar actually many thoughts in this story r frm my real life and i too have 4 bhai’s but they r my bade ma ka betas hain and meri bhai’s r not like them we used to fight a lot and have fun sry if i’ve hurted u by my wrong hindi

  3. Nice one but try to make it longer! Rombha nalla iruku aana shorta iruku pavi!

  4. Very nice

  5. yaar its nyc tht sis- bro bondage but make it longer pls

  6. Romba nalla iruku pavi.

  7. Wow………Its Superb…..???

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