Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 18)

Hello sweetoossrysrysry trillion times srypls 4give me 4 late update actually guys I was really vry busy with my college admission wrks n hann guys I have a surprise 4 u n tht surprise will b reveled at the end of this epi n shayadr hereafter I wont thank u my drfrnd n haan guys I will continue my bakbaks later
Hello sweetoossrysrysry trillion times srypls 4give me 4 late update
shayadr hereafter I wont thank u my drfrnd n haan guys I

as days passed abigyas relationship was becoming more closer n now they r besties they used to share all their secrets n now as pragya was in her 12thstd she is busy with her daily tests but even in her busy schedule she used to meet abi n his frnds in every weekend n they used to chat 4 a long time n will spend a quality time together n tday is june 1stabi was in his college he was searching 4 his frnds,A:whr these idiots have gone??? Whn he was thinking like this he saw his frnds sitting under a tree speking about something seriously thn he walked twards them at tht time shikar noticed abi n at once he guesturedrithika n viratthtabi was coming here thn they changed their topic n started to chat n still now they remains as though they haven’t noticed abi yet nowthnabi reached them,A:yeah idiots y r u sitting here??? N haanwht r u speaking about???,RI:nothing serious abi,A:oh nothing!!!rithi I think u guys had 4 got tht v r frndsfrm childhood so I know ur each n every move n I am sure to say tht u guys r hiding something frmme,SH:noabi v r not hiding anything frmu,A:kjust leave it n guys I wanna say somethingserious,V:whtnaabi ??? I think tht u r going to say something abtpragya

,A:yavirat u r right I thought to confess my love to her but…………………………..,RI:wht but???,A:will she accept my love??? If not I don’t want to spoil her worthless frndship,RI:shewillll acceptur love abi so don’t be worried my drfrnd she said this by cupping his face as he put down his face in sadness,A:but………………..,SH:hereafter no ifs n buts tday u should propose her k,A:kshiki I will propose her but tommorow,V:y tomorrow??? u should propose her tdayitself,A:novirat actually tday she is vry busy so I will definitely propose her tomorrow,RI:ok but tomorrow is the last date now promise me tht u will definitely propose her tomorrow,A:ok promise pakka promise I will definitely propose her tomorrow,SH:k guys comeon lets leave to our class else tht gorilla will kill us by his stupid advices[actually guys shiki is telling abt their professor],thn they left frm thereafter some hours their college got over n abi could fell something fishy n he could feel tht they r hiding something frm him but he didn’t considered it as a grt matter as now his thoughts were only abtpragya,thn he waved bye to every one n left to his home he was totally worried thinking abtpragyas reaction after his proposal,A:wht would she say??? How would she react??? A lot of questions circled in his mind while thinking like this he got an idea,A:wht if I proposed her tday itself??? Haan it would b right otherwise I will become mad thinking abt her reaction so abitday u r gonna propose her its really a good decision beta so lets call n inform her abt our meeting speaking like this he took his mobile n made a call to his taunti,after two rings pragya picked the call,P:haanmachiwhts app???,A:taunti shall v meet tday,P:hmm……….. actually machitday I am quite busy so shall v meet tomorrow,A:notaunti I want to meet u tdayitself,P:u want ti meet me tday itself ???!!! anything serious,A:haantaunti actually I had told u abt my lover na so tday I thought to propose her so I want ur support if u r with me thn nothing is impossible 4me in this entire world,[guys as I told in the beginning itself na now they r besties actually abi had told her abt his love but he didn’t tell who was his lover if she asked who was th girl he used to say surprise],P:OMG!!!OMG!!! OMG!!! Finally I am gonna meet urmrs.surprise right hey namachi,A:rightmrs.machi [after saying tht only he realized his wrds n gave an oops expression]he waited 4 her reply,but here as our taunti was in entire happiness she didn’t noticed abiswrdsclearly,P:so where shall v meet??? In an exited tone,after hearing herwrds only abi got his breath,A:hmm…… u just stand near urtutioncentre after ur classes I will pick u up there n haan don’t 4 get to inform urbhaisk,P:k sab[sir] I will inform thm so just chill up n continue urdrms with ur love ms.surprise,A:hey see I am the one who had named u correctly always taunting me,taunti!!! He said tht With a pout,P:hehesooo funny bye bye meet u soon,thn they ended the calln abi was planning something 4his taunti n pragya was really vry exited to see the ms.surprise of her machithnpragya went to her tution classes with ranveer as tday was his turn to drop her in tutioncentre ,RV:heychotiwht happened na girl tday u r looking so exited,P:actuallybhai I have already told u nathtabi was in love with someone,RV:haanthtms.surpriseright,P:yeahthtms.surprise,he told me tht he will introduce her to me tday,RV:ohthts really grt baba n whn u r going to meet her,P:tday,RV: whttday??? he stopd his car in shock,P:yes I am gonna meet her tday but y did u stopd the car 4this nabhai in a confused manner,RV:nothing but whn will u meet her nachoti???,P:aft my classes,RV:ohthn had u informed abt this to raghavbhai,P:haanbhai I have already informed abt this to raghavbhai,RV:whn will u return??? n just call anyone of us aft ur meeting with thtms.surprisethn v will come to pick up u k nachoti in a caring tone,P:bhaibhai no need ofthtatallabi will drop me in our home,RV:k but………,P:nobhai hereafter no ifs n buts abi will drop me n thts final u believe him na??? in a taunting tone,RV:hey miss drama queen I believe him more thn u n haan the truth is I don’t believe u coz u will just kill him by ur nonstop talks n antics so I am worried a lot thinking abt his state with my silly choti,P:hehe so funny saying this she turned her face in anger,RV :oh no !!! u r angry with me right[aiyayokochukitiya] again she turned her face with a pout, k k u just remain with ur anger [sari kochukokochuko] at tht time they reached her tution class pragya stared him n got n down frm the carthn she shuted the door in a full force showing her anger,RV:heychoti I just said it 4 fun dr he shouted at her but she didn’t hear his wrds n she left frmthere,thischotina always being serious 4 silly matters thinking like this ranveer left frm there thn after an hour pragya came out aft finishing her classes n thn she noticed abi waiting 4 her in his car thn she went near to his car,P:heymachi where is urms.surprise,A:heypragya come on get in letsleave,P:k but where,A:to meet my ms.surpriseu want to meet her na???,P:haandefinitely I want to meet her,A:thn come on get in yaar ,thn she got into his car suddenly n they left frm there k guys I am stopping it here,PRECAP:abi proposing pragya,abis suicide attempt n a loadz n loadz of twists n turns, so just keep thinking wht will bpragyas reaction after abis proposal??? Y did abi attempted suicide??? Wht will happen to abi??? Will pragya accept his love??? N guys I am stopping this epi with a lots of questions so u have to wait 4 getting answers 4 all these questions n I told u na guys there is a surprise 4u at the end of this guys this is the SECOND LAST EPISODE don’t know how u guys will react after hearing this but wht to do na guys I am totally packed in my busy schedule so I hope tht u could understand my situation n thanks a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot 4ur love n support ”LOVE U ALL A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT” tc bye bye meet u with my nxt epi

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  1. Ammu

    All the best pavi for your future endeavours
    Episode was awesome
    Rock on..

    1. Thnks a lot 4ur wishes swt hrt

  2. Maya

    Second last epi!!!??? But its ok da I can understand and take care. All the best for ur college life! As usual its a very lively epi!!????

    1. Thnks a lot no no i wont thnk u so thnks vapas nice to hear ur swt wrds da sweetu

  3. Hey it’s not a surprise yaar its a shock tz s second last episode ahhhh… Soooooo sad anyway it’s OK I thk tat u u very busy tats y u planned to end it rather than discontinued n stoped without end… Thn I hope tat end vl b smooth n nice let’s c

    1. thnks a lot 4 ur swt com dr

  4. achha second last episode and surprise its a shock pavi anyways today episode superb and I have to agree that pragya is really pampered a lot by all brothers wish I could also have bro like her but I dont have so anyways its rocking to read urs and yup u rocked again shinchan and all the best for your college life 🙂

  5. Loli

    Superb pavi

  6. sry 4 the shock di n haan thnks a lot 4ur lovely com di love u

  7. shriti (real name shivani)


  8. Reshma Pradeep


  9. Second last epi! di its big shock.its ok di i can understand ur situation di,so i won’t scold u.

  10. Vaishali

    arrey what is this yaar u said this is second last episode this is not surprise this is called shock haan i am happy fr ur college admission but u should notd like this akka very bad but ok todays episode was rocking as usual loved it gng witha heavy heart as it second last episode

  11. Superb.. This not surprise, it’s a shock… Now one of my favourite ff is going to end… So sad…

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