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Hi guys I know tht u guys r angry with me but I hope tht u guys will 4give me as tday is my birthday nahaansweetoos 17th epi on my 17th birthday n haan guys this epi will b long as the penalty of my late update thanks a lot 4 urgrt support

k guys I will continue my chit chats later now lets get into the story ,

PRECAP:pragya expressing her feeling abt love n abi lost hering her wrds

the epi starts with,P:oops!!! Sryabi I have blabbered a lot saying this she turned twardsabi n found him lost somwhr, abi come out frm urdrmwrld saying this she patted him gently on his shoulder ,thnabi came back to his senses,A:wht???,P:hmm v have reached my home,A:so wht???,P:shall I leave,A:kbye,P:k bye byemachi (GUYS IN TAMILNADU BOYS USED TO CALL THEIR FRNDS LIKE THIS N THE MEANING OF THIS WRD IS BUDDY), A:wht??? Machi!!!!,P:haan u r my buddy na so hereaft I will call u like this,A:k my dr silly taunti!!!,P:k bye byemachi!!!!! Good night have a swt n tight sleep, A:ktaunti!!! Good night swtdrms have a swtsleep,
saying this he waved bye to her n left frm thr n started to walk while walking he started to recall his memories with her dheeredheere plays in background har pal meri yaanyad aanyad aanvichet undildi gal main dassantedassanfir kinnu (every moment I am remembering,n in my memories there is u if I have to say the things of the heart,to whom do I tell them)

teri meri meri teri ik jin dadi ik jin dadi what to do jhoomu main naachun main gaaun ke likhoon tere liye main kya karoon (yours n mine is one life,one life what to do should I dance or sing or write what should I do 4u ??) dheeredheere se meri zindagi mein aana dheere dheere se dil ko churaana tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jaane jaanatumse mil kar tum ko hai batana(slowly come to my life slowly steal my heart how much I love u my beloved,I have to meet u n tell u)shaaamwahi,kaamwahiterebina o sanamneendnahi chain nahiterebina o sanam(the same evenings n the same work without u o beloved,there is no sleep no rest without u o beloved)

sota hoon kabhi rota hoon tere bina o sanampaakar sab kuch khotahoonterebina o sanam(I sleep sometime n cry sometime without u o beloved I find n yet lose everything without u o beloved)

finally abi reached his home n went to his room n took his moms photo n says do u know something mumma finally aft a long interval I am feeling vry happy n not feeling lonely as she herself said natht she is there 4 me so hereaftur son will b most the most happiest person in this wrld as ur wish ma n mumma do u know something I could feel u in her n I know none than pragya could replace ur place in my life n she is the one who could give me a loadz n loadz of love n affection like usayng this he hugged his moms photo n laid down in his bed n here pragya entered inside her home n found all the lights offed,p:mabhabi were u guys have gone whnpragya was shouting like this someone kept a knife on pragya`s neck frm backpragya was vryshockd n confused n she thought wht had happened to her other fammembers,p:kwht do u want?? ,thief:hmm good u r really vry clever thnurfammembers,p:could u pls say wht do u want n haan if anything happened to my fam members I wont dare to killu,thief:k miss lady mogambo I will not harm urfam members but 4tht u should tell me abtur locker keys,p:k I will tell u abttht but pls keep the knife quite far frm my neck thn the thief acptd her req n kept the knife far frm her neck at tht sec pragya kicked him on his abdomen n plucked his knife frm his hand n kept it on his neck,p:hey ask ur partners to on the lights at the nxt moment itself the lights were put on n pragya was shocked to see her fam members laughing at her she was totally confused to see thm in a normal state,p:wht the hell is happening here???y u guys r laughing at me???were r the rest thieves???,choti I will answer 4all ur questions a sudden voice came frm her back,p:raghavbhai u here whn did u returned n wht is happening here???,R:chotichotichoti wait don’t get confused its all our plan to surprise u,P:surprise!!! Thn who is this oh no I kicked him with full force(actually guys pragya didn’t noticed his face yet now as she was completely shockd by their surprise)thn she turned n started to laugh at seeing his face haan guys its none other than our ranveer,RV:how dare u??? u kicked me n now u r laughing bhai I think tht this girl would have been a donkey in her previous birth n i think tht the thieves know vry well abt this girl n thts y they r afraid to steal in our home otherwise they would have got a kick frm this donkey na,P:how dare u??? u r sayng me donkey na so now I will show u how a donkey will kick sayng this she started to chase him,RV:u have already kicked me in ur donkey avatar nachoti so pls leave me I am urswtbhaina so plsplspreetypls coz its paining a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootchoti,P:ohsryranveerbhai I thought u as real thief n thts y I kicked u like this I didn’t do it intentionally so pls 4give me bhai I am urswtchotina she said this holding her ears,RV:no my dr no need of sry at all n do u know something allmy pain vanished by seeing ur cute face,P:thts my bhai love u a looooootbhai saying this he hugged him come I will give u pain killer n injection to relieve urpain,RV:k my dr doctor saying this they left frmthere,thn aft taking pain killer n injection they came to the downstairn everyone had their dinner thn they had their normal chit chats 4 a while n spend a quality time together………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

PRECAP:abi proposing pragya

Wht will be pragyas reaction whnabi propose her to know tht u have to wait 4the nxtepi stay tuned n haanrithu ma naanunakuponaepilaye reply panniirunden da naanyaraiyum love la pannala da n thanks a looooooot 4 each n every one of u 4 urgrt love n support guys thank u suga,rithu,surbhidi,somu,emmy,reshu,durga,shaya,vaishu,shriti,abigya, n all…………………………………………….n u too my dr silent readerslove u all a looooot sweetooooostc bye bye n pls 4give me if i`ve left any of ur names

Credit to: pavi

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  1. Hai I am silent reader first happy birthday to you i love ur ff soooooooooo…… much I am very happy to see ur ff and eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Thnks a lot moni i am hap to see ur com n haan thnks a lot 4ur wishes

  2. hahahhahahh Pavi i have already said that your comic timing is perfect every scene was easy to visualise yr it was superbb episode shinchan and yes ofcourse it was in shinchan style and i am extremely happy to see you here back and yes of course Happy Birthday be lated yr may god give you all your happiness in your life 🙂 carry on sweety i am waiting for your next update

    1. Thnks a lot 4ur lovely com di n di tday is my brthday i thought tht they will post it aft 12 so only i wrote tday is my brthday

      1. oh is it then ok happy birthday once again Pavi party hard keep.rocking ???????????????

  3. Awesome

  4. Today’s epi is super eagerly waiting for nxt epi update soon

    1. Hap to see ur com sandhya n haan i will try to post the nxt one soon thnks a lot 4ur wishes dr

  5. Happy Bday! ??? and ya epi was awesome and rocking! Comedy superb pa! Haha naan sirichute irunden hehe…ok nalla enjoy pannu and i have replied to ur comment in my ff too…time iruntha paru…ok bye! I don know when i will return back to TU lol…so busy!! ??

    1. Thnks a lot 4ur swt com sweetu n haan naan un reply parthuten da gonna miss u a looooot sweetu

  6. Hi Pavi,
    Hope you remember me.
    The episode is awesome.
    Waiting for the proposal.
    Hope you are good..

    1. Happy birthday Pavi

      1. Have a happy life.
        Let happiness shower on you pavi..
        Lots of love 🙂

    2. Thnks a lot 4ur com dr n haan how could i 4get u u r my swt hrt na n thnks a lot 4ur wishes da love u too my swt frnd

  7. Happy birthday pavi I was badly waiting for your ff keep continuing it’s awesome eager to know how abhi propose pragya

    1. Glad to see ur com dr n thnks a lot 4ur wishes n sry 4makng u wait 4a long time dr

  8. Many more happy returns of the day sisy

  9. Happy birthday dr… I wish to b a rocking yr 4 u n I wish u to get all ur wises n llive a happy life as ur wish… Once again a happy happyyyyyyy bday… Thn today’s episode s awesome n i just excited 4 NXT episode yaar

    1. Thnks a lot 4ur wishes dr

  10. Awesome Pavi it’s so awesome I’m eagerly waiting for the proposal and happy birthday day!! May you have a wonderful year ahead!

    1. Thnks a lot 4ur lovely com dr

      1. Hey Pavi it’s not fare you are telling thanks to your friend?

  11. Happy b’day chlm b’day celebration eppadi poitu iruku ? Veetla ellarum eppadi irukanga ma? Odamba pathuko indha year unaku Ella nalladum nadaka ennoda vazhtukal

    By the way epi semma da

  12. Reshma Pradeep

    I am Really Sorry for Commenting late yaar………Actually my classes are started……..So Now Only I got time to read this………..I am Really Sorry dear………….& Coming to the Episode, Its SUPERBBBBBBBBB AS USUAL………. Loved it yaar……….????? & MANY MANY MANY MORE HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY DEAR………MAY GOD BLESS U…….& ALL UR WISHES BECOME TRUE……..LUV U……….?????????????????????? ONce again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAVI…….????????????

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