Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 15)


Hi guys thnks a lot 4ur lovable com n haan guys i’ve replied 4ur com if u have time pls chck it k guys i’ll con my bakbaks in com the epi starts with abigya thrwng the stone at eachoth thn they both in chorus said”HEY I DIDN’T GOT HURT”,A:hey thn whr is the stone? Does it have any legs?! he searchd behnd pragya at tht time he was schkd at seeng somthng,P:abishek i said it did’nt hurt me but it had hurt someone else!!! she said this with a fear seeng someone behind him n she gestures him to turn bck,A:not only me u’ve too hurtd someone!!! sayng this he gestures her to see at her bck thn both turns bck n was schkd to see a dog behind both of thm the dogs were fumng in anger whch was clr frm thr face,P:wht r v gng to do now ?

i am sure to say tht tday v r defntly gone,A:pragya don’t get panick i have an idea,P:wht?!!,A:give me ur hand thn pragya 4wards her hand abi holds her hand n said 1 2 n run sayng this he dragd her frm there as he was already holdng her hand na they ran so fast tht even no one could see thm

Credit to: Pavi

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  1. Nice pavi. Na unaku frnd request anupitaen da aprm na enna padikaran nu kaetila na last month than Bsc complete pannaen . Thn unnoda mail ID pavi26999 ku mail panna ID does not exist nu varudhu ennanu paru ma. Bye…

    1. Thnk u da k da naan login panrappa kandipa req accpt paniduraen apram ennoda mail id pavithra26999 da sry naan dhan thapa solitaen nu naenaikuren oh appa nee ennoda 3yrs eldera unnaku naan unna nee va po nu kupidaruthula enda prblmu illa la

      1. No problem at all ma. Unaku eppadi ishtamo appadi kupadu

  2. haha haha haha haha haha ????????? dog seriously pavi u r shichan humour level of urs is damn high yr I loved this episode a lot and yes ?????? I have sent u friend request have u seen it

    1. Oh di i am so glad to hear tht u enjoyd it n haan di i am always ur swt shincham

  3. Hey guys i wrote the 2nd part yestrday itslf but again i had some prblm in my browsr so i’ll be postng the nxt epi by aftnoon n haan maya dr i’ll acpt ur frnd req at once i login n di i can’t find u so could u give me frnd req my fb id is pavithra aathis n prof pic is of tam actor vijay

  4. Soooooo cute episode yaar n really funny yaar

  5. Nice and a romba cute aana epi Pavi! ??Waiting for the nxt one…u accept my fb req huh? But i cant see ur name in my friends list!!

    1. Sry suga unnoda com ippo dhan da post agiruku naan kaila irunthu com chck pannen ana ippo dhan un com post achu so sry 4late reply dr n haan suga naan innum fb login pannala da so panna odanae unoda req acpt panniduraen da k va sry naan anna oda pc use panithan fb use panuven anna konjam busy so avan free ana odane frndreq acpt paniduren da sry

      1. Ithukelam ethana vathi sorry solla theva illa…take ur time i also don use fb that much…i just go there to check what others post…so no prob!!

  6. Reshma Pradeep


  7. Mannikkanam.. Sorry fot this late comment! But as usual you rocked! That was so funny just imagine their expressions lol …Enakku idhu romba piddikkutha… Hey that was my first tryy for tamil, actually i seriously don’t know how to talk tamil sorry if it’s wrong, these are small phrases that i have learnt as i m fond of learning new language…. But for this episode, it’s best! Poittu varen… Will wait for your next episode!

    1. Hi somu good to see u aft a long time misd u a lot my dr frnd n haan its not mannikanam its mannikanum dr n no sry or thnks bet frnds k i don’t know will u acpt me as ur frnd if u had acptd me as ur frnd then give me ur fb id or give a frnd req to my id n haan my fb id is pavithra aathis prof pic tam actor vijay holdng a guitar thnks a lot 4ur lovely com dr n haha ur tamil is so cute n swt as u dr n same pinch i too love to learn a lot of languages k poittu va bye yup i 4get to say u somthng pls start a new ff dr tc bye bye love u

      1. Haha Pavi, that’s so sweet thanks for correcting my tamil as i seriously don’t know anything in tamil, these are some words i m familiar with and yes i hav already accepted you as friend, surely i can add u on fb but it’s long time that i haven’t opend my fb account as i use it rarely! Haha well i will start a new ff may be, i m not sure! But i will write one shots! And yes No Thanks No sorry! ?

      2. Its so swt of u dr n haan dr i too usd to use fb rarely but k u pls give me ur fb id or frnd req to my id k

  8. hey its so funny dr…..

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