Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 14)


Hi guys this is the 9th time i am wrtng the same epi

k guys the epi starts with,SH:wht the hell have u brght?,BARRER:sir i had brght wht u askd me,SH:how dare u blame me 4hidng ur mistake,RI:shiki pls b patient n bhai sry u pls leave now,V:wht hapnd na shiki y u screamd like this,SH:thn wht could i do guys actualy i ordered blckbery flavourd ic.crm but see na he had brght somthng else sayng he shwd them the bowl brght by the barer,A;arey buddhu!!! This is the flav which u orderd,SH:if it is so thn its not my mistake,RI:wht do u mean?![in a confusd manner],SH:i mean to tht its not my mistake they had namd it wrngly,P:wht?!,SH:haan see guys as it is blue in colour they shld have namd it bluebery na y they namd it blckbery so its their mistake,hearng this they all widend their eyes in a confusion!!! HAD HE GONE MAD!!!!!

A:hey pragya see hear coz of ur schk treatment my frnd have gone mad,SH:i was just jokng guys the four in chorus JUST JOKNG idiot thn they all beat him in a playful manner thn finally all finishd their ic.crms n left frm there abigya was on the way to pragyas home at tht time abis car got stpd ,A:damn shit now wht hapnd to it,P:abi don’t get angry n chck wht was the prob thn abi chckd the car ,A:oh no there is a prblm in the engine,P:k just b cool even v humans fall sick but see its just a machine,A:i too knw tht pragya but how could v go home now,P:v have legs right,A:yes but i askd u how could v reach home,P:by wlk,A:wht? By wlk r u sure in tht,P:damn sure,A:if u have no prblm in tht thn k lets wlk,thn they started to wlk while walkng pragya took a stone using her footfingers n hit abis leg with tht stone thn abi took a stone usng his leg n hit her in her legs both started to fight in this way by hitng their legs finally there fight was at the extreme level now both took a stone at the same time n thrwd it

Credit to: PAVI

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  1. hi…..comin back aft a long time…..happy to seee u episode…..waited a lot ya….

    1. Hi emmy i am really vry glad tht i made u happy sry dr 4makng u wait 4a long time n dr i can’t upd 4a longtime due to some prblms in my browsr

  2. Pavi chlm missed u a lot dr. Blackberry part was nice. How r u?

    1. Misd u too dr,haan i am fine n hope u r also fine apram rithu ma ennoda fb id pavithra aathis prof pic vijay holdng a guitar apram mail id pavithra26999 website gmail da naan unnaku frnd req panna try pannen but mudiyala so pls unnala req koduka mudiyuma da n haan rithu nee tiruppur dhana da nee enna padikura en idalakekuraena ennoda pudhu frndum un ordhan avanga peru prabha phy 3rd yr poranga

  3. At last u made it Pavi!!! ??I am also commenting to ffs after a very long time…ithuthane antha surprise that u had told just now? Btw as usual u rocked it Pavi! Rithu sonna mathiri blackberry part awesome!!

    1. Haan dr atlast i made it with ur hlp n haan ithu dhan antha surprise da n thnks a lot 4ur swt com da

      1. Hey Pavi i have actually send u a friend request in fb!!

  4. Superb pavi.
    Awesome yaar.
    Rock on….

    1. Thnks a lot 4ur swt com swt hrt

  5. Hi guys could u remember me sry swetoos 4this much late update actually i had a lot of issues in upd thts y this much delay n guys sry to say this i am not sure abt updatng regularly so pls 4give me pls n haan if any of u want to be my frnd thn just give me ur fb id with prof pic or send ur frnd req to my id n my fb id is pavithra aathis prof pic is actor vijay sitng holdng a guitar n surbhi di,somu,rithu ma u guys pls give me ur fb id with prof pic as di whn i searchd u i found thousands of surbhi tiwari there so guys pls give clear information k

  6. finally u came pavi I was waiting for u yr the episode was damn cute and u know that atone fight is my fav game whenever I am with my sister or mother they both start this first and then I use to continue it so sweet episode yr and yup that ice cream fight ????????

    1. Sry di i made u too wait 4a long time na n haan di tht stone fight will be superb na v too used to play it n thnks 4ur swt com di

  7. Hi this is raji I’m a silent reader, u are rocking but please update regularly ya I’m waiting……..

    1. Hi raji good to see ur com dr thnks a lot 4ur swt com dr n haan da i’ll try to upd regularly

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb yaar…..Especially The Blackberry part……Loved it……I missed this FF Sooo much……Now U r back…So No Worries……?

    1. Thnks a lot 4ur lovely com reshu

  9. Soooo cute fight yaar

    1. Thnks a lot dr

  10. Awesome pavi and I missed you lot

    1. Thnks a lot dr n haan misd u too

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