Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 13)


Thnks a lot swetoos 4ur swt com&haan guys pls check the previous epi as i’ve replied 4ur com&haan guys i’ve also given the reason 4late upd the epi starts with pragya asking whr is the girl,SH:haan she is here,SH IN MIND:shiki beta if u said anything wrng thn this abhi na he will definitely burn me by his looks itself,P:but whr?!,SH:haan in abhis hrt,++

P:offo!such a old&boring dialogue,RI:k guys now leave it &have ur lunch,thn they all eats&while eating A:k pragya actually the plan was ours but how did u destroy it&how u suddenly u made another plan&..,P:k baba stp blabbering like this&ask ur doubts one by one,++

A:k how did tht hotel manager accepted 4ur plan,P:actually abhi it was our hotel,A:oh k thn how ur legs became invisible,P:actually abhi it was due to the effect of a special focus light as ur legs r also not visible at tht time as it is kept in direc of focusing our face,A: k thn tht call,P:actually abhi i’ve already recorded tht call&i set the time of call too so just thn the call came to ur mobile

Credit to: Pavi

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  1. Nice episode. Update next part na.

    1. Thnk u tweety nice to see ur com

  2. Haha i like the reason due to the effect of special focus light!! Btw i reply u here itself for ur qn actually i have replied in my prev update but its ok i dont wanna trouble u of gg back and seeing…. Actually my mum is frm India as in Pondicherry…. I am born and brought up here in Singapore. So whenever we visit India we go Pondicherry esp some village over there cant rmbr the name and then we go a lot of temples appadithan naan meenatchi amman koyiluku poyirunden. Btw i really like todays epi!!?? expecting for te nxt one!

    1. Oh forgot to mention… No need to ask permission u can just call me Suga! I am more than happy when my friend calls me by my name!?

    2. Hey suga dr don’t dare to think tht u troubled me as a frnd has full rights to do anything with her frnd na&haan thn thnks a lot 4ur swt comment dr thn finally u r frm singapore i don’t know wht lan u speak thr but i think u know a lot of languages right

      1. Ok i wont think like tat frnd…Haha not really only know english,tamil n telugu properly…. in hse i speak tamil only…the rest is all a bit only… I am fond of different languages…

  3. Hello sweetoos thnks a lot 4ur com as they mean a lot to me&guys pls 4give me if there is any mistake as i updated at night 1am so i felt sleepy thnks a lot 4u too my dr sil readers pls try to comment

  4. Ohhhh soooo sweet episode yaar

    1. Thnks a lot dr

  5. Kalakkara pavi

    1. Thnk u da chlm pls upd ur nxt epi

  6. its really nice dr…bt we want long update ma….

  7. Superbbbbbbbb…..????????????????????

  8. super brain……such a naughty gal….superb epi.

  9. pavi pavi pavi I have to accept one thing today that u are fully creative yr I like ur every episode from the bottom of my heart but I have one question ❓ do u use to watch comedy serials and cartoons ?

    1. Di i am really vry exited to read ur com di i am really feeling happy tht u like it di as it is a tribute to u by me na di

  10. Awesome pavi the ideas were amazing loved it..

    1. Thnk u vaishu dr

  11. Superb

  12. yaah Pavi i had commented before but dont know why they havent published it now i am again commenting and saying the same that i have read the episode twice till now and liked the way you are representing them both i mean to say abhigya well todays episode was also full of comedy when shikha got scared of abhis eyes lolz and when Pragya replied how she made plan to scare ABhi that was too awesome now i want to say that girl you are so funny seriously dont take my words wrong thats why i have named you shinchan anyways waiting eagerly for your next episode yr and again i am asking same question do you use to watch more comedy serials and cartoons ?

    1. Di mae bhot bade kush ho gayi di!!! Di pls 4give me if i had made any mistakes in hindi,seriously di i am on cloud nine aft reading ur com&di haha i was not able to control my laughter haha see na di i am laughing this much tht my youn bro is asking me have u gone mad,di i am really vry glad to know tht u love each&every scences&haan di i don’t take ur wrds wrong as u r my di na so u have full rights to do anything with me&by the way di i love it whn u call me shinchan&haha di no i don’t used to watch comedy serials or cartoons a lot but di i used to give humorous epi as i just love to keep everone around me happy&di i am more selfish with my own happiness as others smile will give us more happiness na di

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