Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 13-part2)

Thnks a lot ladoos 4ur com as they r so swt na&guys pls check previous epi as i’ve replied 4everyones com the epi starts with RI:haan pragya v shld accept tht u r this much clever na,A:naughty too rithi,thn pragya smiled at him soo cutely,thn they finishd their lunchP:guys something is missing na,SH:haan pragya i too feel tht but don’t know wht is missng,RI:i got tht,V:wht?,P&RI IN CHORUS:ICECREAM!!!,A:k lets have it guys,P:but abhi 4tht v shld leave to parlour,SH:PARLOUR!!!4eating icream itself pragya its not good to go to a beauty parlour just 4eating icecream,P:shikar v used to eat icecream in icecream parlour but u guys used to eat icecream in beauty parlour how strange,SH:oh u meaned icepar! sorry,thn they all laughed at seeing shikars kiddish expression,A:k guys shall v leave,thn they all left frm there to the icecream parlour,in icream parlour everyone ordered their icecreams thn the barrer brought it&kept on their table,suddenly someone shouted at tht time haan guys it is none oth tht our shikar…..

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  1. Sry guys 4late upd as yesterday i went to my fav movie theri & haan guys i am a huge fan of actor vijay frm my childhood&haan surbi di i’ve answered ur que in pre epi itself pls chck it na di&di same pinch i too love bajirao masthani di i’ve watched some hindi films frm tht my most fav pic was aashiqui2&guys i’ve replied 4 everyone of ur com guys pls chck it&my dr frnds i like to know a lot abt all of u so pls share abt u if u think me as ur frnd

  2. Nice yaar… Really awesome

  3. Superb Pavi …
    Upload soon ma

    1. Thnk u swt hrt haan i’ll try to upd soon

  4. Hai pavi. The epi was nice as usual n how was the film? Nalla enjoy panniya

    1. Hai da thn ks a lot dr 4ur swt com.oru fana solanumna enga ilayathalapathi filmla athanala eppavum pola semmaya irunthuchu da,audiencela oruthara solanumna atlee sonna mathiriyae vera oru vijay sira namma parkalam,oru nalla appava,lovable husbanda,theri police officera oru varthaila solanumna ajith fansku kuda theri pidikum,nee yar fan da chlm?

      1. Ellar padamum papaen. Surya va matha ellarayum Vida knjm extra pudikum.

      2. Hey rithu chlm appa nee surya fana en 4th annanum surya fan dhan da

      3. oh I see. Un family pathi sollu da

  5. yeah Pavi same pinch dear for bajirao mastani and yes I have read ur reply amyways mine fav are most of the movies by Akshya Kumar and yes today also u rocked i have to accept that u r too humorous yr every episode of urs is fill of little bit comedy but it have comedy and i love that factor for example as today u mentioned that shikhar said why we will go to eat the ice cream parlour lolz ???? seriously i also never thought that ever ??? go on like this only yr i like ur story very much my shinchan ????

    1. Thnks a lot di 4reading my reply& so di u r akshay’s fan haan di i love sharuk&ranbir a lot i don’t have idea abt akshay as i haven’t watched his films so pls suggest me some akshay’s films which u like the most so tht i too could enjoy it na di till now i haven’t get into the real track as according to the story its main concept is pyaar[love]na so aft 2or3 epi only i am going to the real track of this story i am really vry glad to know tht u like my story na di

  6. Wow……Its Superb…..&How was the film ?…I am also a huge fan of Actor VIJAY…….?

    1. Oh u too was a grt fan of vijay so swt&haan dr to say abt the film it was speechless as i can’t find any wrd to explain abt it na as it was tht much superb,awesome,mindblowing etc etc etc… Thnks a lot 4ur swt com reshu dr & u r a malayali na so who is ur fav hero in mal i love nivin&dulquer a loo……t

  7. Epi was awesome!!??? ingeyum theri padam nalla odhuthu. My sis keep on saying its very nice!! If i am not wrong in one of the theater here there is 6 shows running for it! Which is a big thing for a tamil movie over here!!? ennoda fbla irunthu naan kelvipatten….and some of my old tamil classmates also keep on commenting abt it like Theri therithan! Theriya paatutu naan therichu poyitten and many more comments!!!

    1. Thnk u da chlm haan oru fana angeyum theri semmaya oduthunu kaekarathukae santhoshama iruku apram un frnds sonnathu ellam unmai dhan da nee yaroda fan da?

      1. naan enta actors oda fanum illa.. ennaku padathula kathai pithichirukunum…so naan maybe directors oda fan like gautham menon, mani ratnam, ranjith, karthik (pizza fame) …

  8. And for ur qn Pavi i an still having pain!? I will be gg to clinic tmrw as the pain romba nallave irukuthu. Ya its better to go an fix an appointment with specialist since its been there for a long time

    1. Offo innum pain korayala da sari doctorta po neeyae sonnala anga climate sariya illanu athanala dhan intha problm la unaku onnu theriyuma inga adikura veyil ippadiyae irutha innum konja nallula nanga ellam erunchiduvom so tc of health apram my dr self analyser think panratha korachukitu olunga rest edu ithu un lovable frnd oda swt order k va bye bye unoda ella painum paranthu poga naan pray panikuraen da

      1. Thanks for ur prayers…nee sollurathum unmainthan koncham think pannrathu korachukunum! Naanum kelvipatten anga romba veyilnu ingeyum than veyil…mazhai penjalum sudhathan irukudu… Ac vaangi podanum en amma sollikitu irukanga… idhuku munnadi inegyum veyil ippadi irunthatu illa. I think becoz of global warming tats y its too hot!! Ok unnoda sweet order naan ethukaran! Unkita fb illa instagram irruka? Untha pesana pathi vali koranja mathiri iruku pavi! Tks for the concern as a frnd! ?

  9. Theri baby?

  10. Super pavi and I love that ice cream parlour joke ???. How was the movie?

    1. Thnk u sharaya

  11. Sooo nice I lovee the episode and sooo funny

  12. nice joke abt ice cream…..superb…..theri movie was really awesome…simply rocking.

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