Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 12)


A:haan guys she don’t have legs,at tht time abhi gets a call&the call is frm pragya
P:abhi y didn’t u come to pickup me still now,abhi was totally scared&thn he drops the phone in shock,
SH:who called u abhi,
RI:thn who is she,at tht time the woman who looks like pragya laughs louder&turn around at tht all the trio were freezed in fear suddenly abhi faints thn aft sometime abhi wokeup&notices the atmosphere was looking like heaven,
A:am i in heaven rithi,shiky,virat where u guys have gone actually v all shld be 2gether na where u guys have gone in this new place[heaven]leaving me alone,he thinks tht they were dead,
P:abhi i think to make u fool but u r really a fool,A:fool,
P:haan tday is april1st fools day na so i did it to make u fool,
A;so this is all ur plan right saying this he started to chase her,pragya stp i am not gng to leave u,thn finally he cought her,A:how dare u did it,
P:stp it na abhi life without surprise is borng na so i did it just 4fun[guys i’ve alredy said na pragya is quite mischivious

Credit to: pavi

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  1. Hahaha great Abhis fear was relly fear he was in heaven very good keep going yr pavi i am really enjoying this ???

  2. Sooooo cute episode especially abhi in heaven it’s really funny I can’t control my laugh

  3. Hi Pavi nice episode I like it

  4. Awesome abhi deserves this

  5. Semma pavi. Abhi searches for his frnds after he got conscious was funny.

  6. Wowwwwwww………. Its Awesome…….

  7. Super very nice

  8. Very funny epi!?

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