Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 11) Part 2


Sry sweetoos 4late update&thnks a lot 4ur support the epi starts with pragya stopping the car,A:pragya is there any prblm,P:no nothing like that,A:thn y did u stpd here,P:abhi stp joking yaar we’ve rechd the resort,A:joking!! Now u r the one who is joking&by the way guys could u find any resort here ,3 IN CHORUS:no!!,P:guys here is it couldn’t u see it,A:here but where,P:she shows him the resort,A:resort!!!this boodh bangalow,P:abhi pls na don’t u believe me pls come with me,hearing her abhi got lost in her&at tht time pragya pulls him along with her,SH:hey rithi wht r v gng to do now,RI:wait i’ll call him,thn abhi came into his sensesA:pragya v shl go to someother resort yaar pls,P:don’t u have faith on me comeon abhi i am gnp first na,SH:abi is this pragya pls chck her legs,abi looks at her legsA:no there is no legs,3 IN CHORUS:wht?!!!

Credit to: Pavi

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  1. sry sry sry…….billion times sry my dr sweetoos truely i was engaged with a loadz&loadz of commitments so pls 4give me 4late upd &rithu,surbi di,sabeenia,vaishu,shriti,sharaya,reshma,kutty,karthi,zari,ammu,kristy,maya&all thnks a lot 4ur swt com haan durga dr i didn’t 4get u i too like u a lot dr&haan dr it’ll be an awesome feel mixed with kick to use net at late night thnks a lot 4u too my dr sil readers

  2. Semma interesting waiting for the nxt one da

  3. Hahahahaha ?????????????abhi will be abhi pragya having no legs lolz rofl what a funny episode u have presented pavi i was laughing hard and now also ???????????? superb girl superb humour

  4. awesome yaar i was waiting fr urs finally u uploaded thank god it was funny and nice

  5. Sooo funny yaar……..Eagerly waiting for next episode……….

  6. Superb pavi
    Rock on

  7. Amazing!! Super when abhi told pragya doesn’t have legs ????? I can’t stop laughing.

  8. Nice episode n soooooooooooo cute n funny bt now Ur sry is received??? bt plzzzzzz plzzzz update regularly yaar… Thn today’s episode s really awesome n funny…

  9. Interstng specially no legs awesome waiting to find y he said this

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