Pyaar ki Roshni: ek nayi ummed ki love story (chapter-1)



HI everyone…its a twinj story hope u like itn support me as like before…its mainly about a girl,who loves a boy.the story is about how a girl can madly,deeply,truely loves a guy.hw she overcame her family problems,social evils n all the bladdy things of life with a hope of love n life in her she lost her love n life,wt did she do,how a ray of roshni(hopes)turned up her,did she got her love back?did she became successful in life? for more answers stay tuned to me….ROSE….lets start…

NOTE:(its a extraa like good words fr u people,if u dont like it i wont add it)

*****************PYAAR KI ROSHNI******************

One late evening,on the beach side,beautiful sunset,all the birds along with the clouds n sun are heading towards their homes,my heart is feeling better nw,cool breeze playing with my hair n the threnody of waves hitting my ears n d water below my feet dragging the sand below my WAIT!!!! its nt only dragging away the sand i feel like someone is dragging everything from love,my life everything is being dragged from me.As i look up i saw a twinkling starts a small curve appeared on my lips,i feel very happy when i see stars as i used to twinkle like a star before,my life was sooo happy n loving but fate had its own play for me to play in my life.Thats y my parents named me Twinkle,weird name na..btt i love it as i remember all these one name hits my mind at that movement i felt weird of myself n shouted out at the peak of my voice as loud as i could…KKUUUUUNNNJJJJJJ!!!!
my eyes are ready to water bt i am tired of doing it everytime so i too back for a second…..ohh sry i didnt notice u,let me tell u about myself
HI…I AM ROSHNI ROY…ohh u guys must be confused right…twinkle..roshni n all…k i will tell u…actually explian u ok…i was twinkle taneja now i am known as roshni roy..let me tell u y i kept this name as at the most critical movements of my life i wanted a hope to live at that time i got this….i will tell u in detail later ok….i think u r ready to know about me..frnssss i am very sad nowadays as i hv no one to share my feelings hope u will,thnks fr u…i wont make u bored i will tell it as a story….

He is the person kunj who is everything of my life bt is not with me right now…we are apart due to destiny i loved him a lott lot more than me, my life n everything…uff..sorry i was bit emotional…wait…sme1 is coming…oh its uv..
U:madam ur shoot is atearly mrng its better if we leave now
(twinkle/roshni(T/R):k bt u dnt be formal…u r my frnd u go home i will drive back alone
U:bt roshni..
T/R:ok…dnt wry i will be carefull i promise u leave na its late fr u also..
U:k gve me a call aftr u reach home..
T/R:ya sure bye..n gud nite
uv smiles n leaves frm thr..

frndss he is my frnd since childhood at present he is my manager,he cares me a lott u knw wn i go out my fans recognise me n u klnw hw much they get excited n its difficult to stop them as i experienced it many times so he told me to be carefull ohh k before any1 could see me let me leave from here …..
u also come na..we all can go in mu car….COME..

******************CHAPTER 1 ENDS********************

Hope u guys liked it…its a good story of twinj with all spices n emotions all is i need ur support bless me..if need any changes inform me please kindly i request u to correct me if i am wrong k bye…..


Credit to: Rose

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