Pyaar Ki Pechchan – chapter 9


Pyaar ki pehchhan
Chapter 9

Guys sorry I am going slow or if I am going fast

Recap: raglak college finished
Raglak engagement fix

It was graduation time

Everyone were happy at college few people cried as their college time was done…………….

Kavitha didn’t talk to ragini at all she was ignoring her fully…………..

Ragini was upset seeing her with lucky and gang…..but adi was with her………..

Adi thought that was the last day to express his love he was scared that she would say no so he kept quite

They were giving away the certificates

Principal: and our student who made our college proud is……ragini she is first ranker in college and whole Kolkata pls applaud her for her great intelligence

Ragini was sooo happy she ran to the stage…..

She saw kavitha dose in anger she was sad……….

She took her certificate and headed down……………

Meera was jealous she wanted her name to be called but kept quite

After graduation was done lucky had to drop ragini as per his family said they had to go to the maheswari house as ap wanted to gift ragini a beautiful necklace

Ragini without interest got onto Lucky’s bike ragini saw kavitha she was more angry

Ragini didn’t understand why

Meera was not happy

They reached when getting on the stairs ragini was before lucky she slipped lucky was about to catch her but she tripped she got a sprain

He immediately rushed to her worriedly and lifted her in bridal style

She was shocked and was only looking into his eyes but he didn’t even look at her he put her on a sofa

Ap did first aid she felt better and ap gave her a beautiful necklace she was happy and then she looked at lucky

Lucky didn’t see her

Dp came with sanky and adarsh

Swara and all ladies with ragini were seeing their dresses

Dp: beta lucky tumhe utne acche marks nahin aaye par u sanky and adarsh only have to take up my company so I am appointing u as a director of my company

Lucky: thanks Papa

Time forward
Engagement arrangements

Ap: swara woh phool aagaye kya

Swara: ji badi maa

Ap: beta pari aur uttara Zara woh khana vagera ki tayari hojani cha hi ye ok

Pari: ji ma

Everyone is busy

Ragini in baadi in her room
She is crying when adi calls her…..

End of the chapter

Precap: ragini is shocked because of adi

What did adi say?

To know read my ff


Thank u guys hope u liked it

Credit to: Tvisha

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  1. nice…..but its short…..

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  3. Did he say that his engagement with kavitha..

  4. Nice… Please make it a little longer… Thanks for the update

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  6. No it is nice but it looks like outline

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