Pyaar Ki Pechchan – chapter 8


Pyaar ki pehchaan
Chapter 8

Recap: ragini slaps lucky
Lucky accepts to marry ragini

Time forward
Final exams r near

Lucky is scared cause last time got good marks with help of ragini he wondered how will he study

Ragini is full confident as she studied really hard

Exams went well everyone were waiting for results

They were enjoying their holidays

One day when adi and ragini went to a restraunt adi got up took a rose and proposed

Ragini was shocked she was crying adi was shocked seeing her cry

He asked her what made her cry

Ragini: tum! I thought hum bffs hein u r soo bad adi

Ragini went away adi ran behind her he said it was april first and he was kidding ragini realised and laughed

Adi wasnt joking in real in fact he also forgot it was april 1st he felt bad

Result day
Ragini got 1st rank

Kavitha got 2nd

Lucky got not really good marks like meera

Iavitha wasnt talking to ragini instead she was ignoring her ragini felt bad and asked her what happened the reply she gave made ragini go into shock as she never heard her say that

She said


Everytime u get first everyone like u i hate u ragini and she runs away crying

Ragini feels bad she cries laksh sees this and wanted to console but saw adi going and stopped he felt jealous

The maheswari’s and gadodia s had a gathering

They announced the engagement date everyone were happy

Raglak glared at each other at one point ragini was sad

End of the chapter

Sorry it was really short

Recap: tayari for engagement
Raglak eyelock

Hope u guys liked it

Credit to: Tvisha

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