Pyaar Ki Pechchan – chapter 7


Recap: lucky hurts ragini
Adi starts loving ragini

Pyaar ki pehchhan
Chapter 7

Ragini wakes up with courage and without sorrowness goes to college to study hard

Lucky was shocked to see ragini happy now she was not sitting with him too

She went and sat with adi

Whenever he went to ragini she ignored him as if he was air

For some reason lucky felt guilty but acted like he didn’t care

Finnaly at end of college

Laksh with his gang blocked ragini

He immitated the scene when ragini proposed him and they started laughing adi was about to stop when ragini slapped laksh everyone were shocked

She went away from there

Adi: wow ragini awesome

Ragini: thanks ( she smiles)

And leaves

Adi to himself: u r soo pretty and innocent am I in love????

Lucky with his friends

Meera: USS behenji kya samajh Thi hai woh I want to slap her tightly

Lucky: no my revenge I will take

Meera : but how???

Woh kal

Ap: beta kya tum meri pasand ki ladki SE shaadi karoge

Lucky: koun hai woh maa?

Ap: ragini

Lucky: main soch ke bata ta hoon

Flashback ends

Meera: kya woh idiotic behenji wants to steal u from me

Lucky: no meera I will accept and marry her torcher her and divorce her and we will marry grand

Meera: what

Lucky: yes and u will help

Meera: sure

At night

Lucky: mom mein USS SE shaadi karoonga

Annapoorna gets excited and tells the gadodia famiy

Shoumi tells this to ragini she gets shocked but continues

She tells this to adi

End of the chap

Precap: time forward final exams
Engagement discussion of raglak among family members

Sorry if am rushing and sorry to post late and sorry it’s short guys 

Credit to: Tvisha

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  5. Make like ragini doesnt want to marry but the family forces to marry her

  6. superb epi… i just wnted to request that dont let laksh win over ragini…

  7. hey plz ragini and adi pair

  8. wow…amazing please continue…loving your ff a lot

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