Pyaar Ki Pechchan – chapter 6


Its been a long time guys……sorry

Pyaar Ki Pechchaan
Recap: raglak meera & adi go for a small outing
Ragini is out of the quiz
She gets to know who removed her

Chapter 6
Ragini gathered her courage and thought to forget about the quiz and thought to teach a lesson to meera

She strongly thought lucky loved her back so bravely she wanted to propose him next day

She even told swara that she liked him and is going to confess today swara was happy for her and encouraged her as swara liked lucky as a good bro

Next day:

Ragini got ready nicely she wore a blue salwar with matching jhumkas she looked very pretty

She called lucky to a park to express her love

Lucky didnt know what was going on and went

Ragini was waiting he was a bit late

Laksh running : sorry ragu late hogaya

Ragini: its ok lucky

Laksh: accha ab batao kya hua

Ragini(blushing and tensed) : woh kuch baath karni thi

Laksh: bolo na bestie

Ragini smiling : she gave lucky a rose and proposed

Lucky i love u

She hugged him

Lucky was shocked amd suddenly started laughing

Ragini didnt know why he was laughing and saw him surprisingly

Laksh jumped in the air saying: yay!!

Suddenly his cool gang came

Ragini was shocked to see meera too

Laksh was still laughing

Laksh: thank u ragini i won the bet

Ragini (tearing up): be..t???

Laksh: haa bhai haan warna msin tumhara bestie lol

Ragini eyes were filled with tears she was still in shock

Laksh: yeh dekho mera bestie eeshaan yeh tumse pyaar karta hein mein ne kaha usse ki woh pyaar nahin karti tumse he told me to prove it to bim mein ne kaha agar ragini mere pyaar mein padgayi toh??

Ragini was crying just then adi came and slapped laksh

Both glared at each other laksh was about to slap aditya but adi stopped gim and took ragini with him

Laksh was disappointed he was unknowingly jealous

Ragini was crying and adi was consoling her she even hugged him in sadness

Adi: ragini tum kyun roh rahin ho mere paas ek idea hain tum usse badla kyun nahin leti?

Ragini: adi par kaise

Adi: i will help u and he hugged her

After sometime he dropped her at her house

Swara called her and was talking

Swara: ragini good news tumhe pata hein kounse tumhari shaadi ho rahi hein

Ragini: koun

Swara: lucky

Ragini was shocked but she wanted to take revenge from laksh and she knew laksh wuld never be ready to marry her cause he likes meera so she continues and decides to marry him

She tells her plan to adi

Adi at night was thinking about ragini

End of the chapter

Precap: ragini slaps laksh
Annapoorna asks laksh to marry her choice

Hope u liked it guys 🙂
Wrote it after a long time so sorry

Aditya: arjun bijlani

Credit to: Tvisha

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