Pyaar Ki Pechchan – chapter 5


Pyaar ki pehchaan
Chapter 5

Recap: meera talks to her uncle on the phone
Lucky hugs ragini

They had holidays for a week and ragini had quiz on next Wednesday

Next morning
Ragini was sleeping as she worked hard for the exams and she was reading for the quiz till late night until her phone rang

She got up and picked the phone it was her teacher who was incharge of the quiz

Ragini heard her voice and the sleepiness went away she was clueless why her teacher called

Teacher: ragini tum free ho?

Ragini: yes mam bilcul koi baat hein mam?

Teacher: haan kuch buri baat hein

Ragini was tensed she didn’t know what the teacher was talking about

Ragini: …………mam………kya hain woh………..

Teacher: i am sorry ragini par tumhe quiz mein replace kia gaya hein

Ragini: mam par kyun? Yeh mere liye bohot hi important quiz tha

Teacher: ragini mujhe pata nahin par principal mam ne kaha i am sorry

Before ragini said anything mam cut the call

Ragini was really upset she was weeping
Her phone was again ringing it was lucky she didnt see it

Ragini: meera ne hi kiya hoga 🙁

She sees the phone and lifts

Lucky : ragu i and meera r going out along with aditya wanna join?

Ragini thinks it is the perfect time where she can teach meera a lesson so she accepts

Ragini: i am always ready par kaha mile?

Lucky: dont worry mein tume pick kar loonga

Ragini: theeka hai aur meera

Lucky: poocha toh ussne kaha ki woh ajaye gi ussne hi tumhe invite kiya btw

Ragini: ok ( and thinks it is an other plan of hers)

After sometime laksh comes and they go to a movie
After the movie laksh had to go to washroom so he went leaving them with adi

Meera: toh……..ragini quiz ka kya hua tumhara

Ragini glares at her: nikal diya unhone koi bakwas ladki ne

Just then lucky comes

Meera shouts at her : bakwas ladki kisse kaha
She sees lucky
Lucky dekho mujhe yeh bakwas ladki bol rahi hai

Ragini: ek minute mein ne sirf bakwas ladki kaha mein ne bakwas tum ko nahin kaha iss ka matlab……..woh tum hi ho na

Meera: yeh…yeh kya kehrahi ho tum adi tum batao na lucky ko mein ne tum he aur……adi bolo

Adi hates meera so he takes ragini’s side

Adi: nahin tum jhoot keh rahi ho

Meera: theek hain bol rahi hoon anyways lucky believes me not u hain na baby

Laksh: kya tum ne usse nikala

Meera: tum bhi laksh…..huh and she runs towards the car angrily

Ragini starts crying

Ragini: mein ne uss ka kya bigada kyun kiya ussne aisa

Adi was about to console her but lucky goes and hugs her
Adi gets jealous

Laksh drops ragini home

Ragini cries but then thinks of her hug and blushes

Just then swara calls her so she tells everything but the hug because she never told she liked laksh

End of the chapter

Precap: ragini cries because of laksh
Ragini gets to know about her marraige with lucky

Does adi love ragini?
What does laksh do to make ragini cry?
What is ragini’s reaction after knowing about their marraige?

Wait and read

Credit to: Tvisha

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