Pyaar Ki Pechchan – chapter 4


Pyaar ki pehchaan
Chapter 4

Time forward
After one month
Raglak have become more close and the whole college knows they r bffs including meera she couldnt help but agree with the truth

Termly exams were done
Results were out

Ragini went to check her results with lucky and meera also kavitha

Ragini topped and ranked first in the whole college kavitha got second rank and was congratulating ragini

Laksh was nervous and when he checked he jumped with joy and with happiness he hugged ragini ragini was also happy and hugged him but after sometime she came in senses and saw meera fuming and broke the hug she was double happy now

Laksh: thank u ragini mai ne sirf biology ke liye tution poocha par tumne sab revise karva ya jab me rone laga (meera was shocked as she didnt know all this) tumhare wajah se mere life mein first time mujhe 5th rank aaya thank u warna me fail hojata

He was about to hug her again but meera came in middle and hugged him lucky didnt like it but he hugged her ragini saw this and went away with kavitha lucky saw this and was confused why ragini went away

After college
Ragini went home and told everyone her marks everyone were really happy and they distributed sweets to the baadi

Ragini: papa sweets finals me top hui toh batna ab baatenge toh sab aap ko over proud kahenge

Shekar: i dont care beta tum ho hi itni intelligent toh mein proud toh hoonga na

Ragini smiled
Laksh told his rank everyone were shocked dp asked if he cheated he was dissapointed by them and went to room annapoorna saw him and told dp he worked hard for this pls dont degrade him

Mishthi thought this was the perfect moment she we to ragini when she was thinking that laksh doent love her

Laado can i talk to u for sometimeif u r free? Says mishti

Ragini: belcul maa

Mishti: woh….woh kya tum…..

Ragini: maa bolo

Mishti: pls na mat kehna ek bohot accha match hein….

Ragini: maa par i wont leave my studies sorry no

Mishti: tumhare studies ke baath hi tum isse jaan thi bhi ho beta pls haa kaho i wont force u par bohot accha match hein

Ragini didnt want to her her mom she even wated to move on as she knew laksh likes meera so she says yes…..

Meera’s house
In her bedroom

She calls a person: uncle woh yeh quiz hein naa ragini ko nikal dijiye yeh pls woh bohot overacting hain and i hate her

Uncle: anything for u beta i will plan something and tell the teacher to remove

Meera: thanks a lot uncle

End of the chapter
Ragini is taken out of the quiz
Ragini talks back to meera

Later episodes: ragini tells the truth to laksh about her feelings

Ragini gets to know something terrible laksh did to her

What is it? Keep reading to find out

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