Pyaar Ki Pechchan – chapter 3

Pyaar ki pehchhan
Chapter 3

After few months exams were near termly
Everyone were tensed ragini read really well but never left practising

Lucky: ragini can u do me a favour

Ragini: haan….bolo laksh par kya?

Lucky: woh pls mana mat karna

Ragini: are baba theek hain bolo

They both became friends and were free as they say together

Lucky:woh kya tum mere tutor bano GI

Ragini: kya? Tutor?

Lucky: haan only for biology and chemistry hum combined studies karenhe mein unn me weak hoon pla aur maybe meera will be with us I mean study

Ragini: wih theek hain par kal mein ne tumhe aur meera ko ladthe hue dekha sab theek hein

Laksh: haan…kind of theek ho jaye GA u know woh jealous hain

Someone taps on his shoulder he sees back

It was meera seeing him.angrily she runs away angrily

Laksh: sorry baby ruko

Ragini laughs seeing this but thinks she was meera and smiles kavitha comes and says

Kavitha: ragini good news tum aur mein quiz mein select hue which is after the exams

Ragini gets excited wow and hugs kavitha they both talk and mam.announces that in front of class

Meera was planning something last time her cheerleading thing was a disaster as she fell down while dancing lucky saw and laughed along with ragini so meera was angry with lucky for many days and thought to teach a lesson to ragini

Lucky planned a dinner with meera

Meera knows ragini likes lucky so to make her jealous she asks her to come with her for shopping

She says I can’t I have to read for the quiz but meera forces her

After college at the mall
Meera and ragini buy a dress ragini says bye to her but she says pls mujhe lucky ke paas drop kardogi

Ragini says yes

They reach
Lucky sees ragini and goes to her HS forgets meera

He says
Lucky: hey ragu tum yaha

Meera: ragu?! Girlfriend mein yah woh

Lucky: sorry baby aao

Ragini: says bye and goes running to her house lucky sees her and kind of feels bad but doent know why

At maheswari house
Swasan went out for some work

All elders even gadodia members were there and said they like ragini and asked her hand for lucky

They said yes everyone were happy

They said they will confirm with raglak and finalize it after their 3rd year

Swasan came but the elders thought it should be a surprise for them and hid it

Gadodia house
All of them r back
Ragini didn’t know everyone went out and came back she was in he room lucky called her but she ignored

Shoumi: laado woh…..kuch nahin um….( she wanted to ask her about marraige but saw she was in bad mood so didn’t say) jaldi so jao

Same case in maheswari house

End of chapter
Precap: meera tries to drop ragini off quiz
Ragini says yes to her marraige unknowingly

Thank u and guys pls reply about the thing I said
Hope u liked it
Share ur thoughts with me pls that makes me happy thank u
really sorry it is short as I am.not feeling well hope u guys understand


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