Pyaar Ki Pechchan – chapter 2


Thank for ur good response guys so I decided to continue my ff pyaar ki pehchhan

Pyaar ki pehchhan
Chapter 2

Unexpectedly ragini is again late for her college she rushes to the bus stop and the bus was there about to leave but kavitha saw her and stopped the bus they reach the college

As they had to sit with there partners kavitha got a nice guy vihaan she nicely sat but when ragini went to her place she saw meera sitting there she was shocked and not in a mood to argue but softly she asked ‘meera I am sorry but yeh meri place hein’ meera was about to argue but saw the teacher and went to her place she was disappointed as she couldn’t sit with lucky and started hating ragini

Classes were done ragini was outside kavitha went to the canteen to get something for them she was passing by lucky meera was at cheerleaders practice she was selected as the main one and had to practice more,lucky called ragini to ask her about a book he lost it so he thought ragini had it but rohit saw meera a bit far but was coming and thought to take revenge so he pushed ragini on lucky both fell on the ground

They had and eyelock too but meera saw this and pulled ragini away harshly causing her a cut by meera’s long nails ragini started weeping meera started scolding ragini

Meera: sharm nahin aati tumhari family ko dusro ke pyaar ko cheen ne mein tumhari behen swara ne sanky ko meri behen ria SE door Kar li woh USS SE pyaar karti Thi par haan mein USS ki tahra chup nahin hoon tum laksh ko nahin cheen sakti jaise tumhari besharam behen swara ne cheena

Ragini cries really hard laksh slaps meera saying

Laksh: swara bhabi ko kuch mat kehna woh bohot acchi hein
(Laksh loves his bhabi as she treats him like a son and he shares things with her freely like a friend he lost his temper when she got swara s name in between)

Meera: laksh accha nahin kiya mujhe maar kar tum ne (she cries and goes away)

Lucky: ragini theek ho? Sorry from her side woh todi possessive hein

Ragini: it’s OK but she cries seeing this lucky hugs her to console her

Everyone where shocked including ragini kavitha was standing there also

Kavitha came and snatched ragini away from him

Maheswari house
Swara was upset as ragini didn’t call her she every time calls her seeing her tension sanky consoles her and says don’t worry par haan tum kyun nahin call karti usse instead of waiting

Swara: tumhe pata nahin sanky ego hain mujhe bohot

Both laugh

At college
Ragini was preparing at library for a quiz for long time so she missed the bus she didn’t know how to go back she went out and saw lucky

Lucky was standing there waiting for meera but she went in anger

Lucky: lift chahiye ragini

Ragini: it’s k auto me chali jaongi waise bhi meera ko bhura lage GA

Lucky : USS ko mein sambhaloonga kuch romantic Jo plan kiya anyways aao ab meri bhabi ki behen ko aise nahin chodoonga

Ragini smiles and goes with him he drops her and goes back to home

Meera sees this and fumes in anger

Ragini was happy seeing swara there but swara was completely ignoring her she felt bad after she left she asked shoumi why she ignored her shoumi told her what happened

She immediately called swara and said sorry they chit chatted for a long time

End of chapter
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Precap: meera causes troubles for ragini
Raglak marraige was approved by the elders but swasan and raglak don’t know this

Thank u

Credit to: Tvisha

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