Pyaar Ki Pechchan – chapter 16

Special episode

Pyaar ki pehchaan

Guys after loooong time i am posting gonna put my ideas so lets see how it goes hope u like it meet u at the end!

Chapter 16

Marraige day

Raglak r sooo excited

Their marraige is in the evening

So shoumi told ragini to got to the parlour she goes and comes back

She starts getting ready

Time forward

Shoumi: beta bharat came tayar ho jao swara ko bech thi hoon dress pehenlo

Ragini was about to wear the dress when someone put chloroform

She fainted

That person wore the lehenga and put the ghungat so that no one culd see the face

That person was sitting in room when dadi comes

Dadi(in tears): laado ek aakhri baar tharre ko dekhloongi shaadi se pehle

She will be lifting ghunghat but the person sont allow

Dadi: kya hua laado

Shoumi: maa jaldi aaye

She goes in confusion

Ragini was hid in the closet

Swara came up

Swara: sorry sorry help kar nahin paayi anyways yahi raho bharat aagaye tode rasam hein usske baat aajao

The person nodes yes

Swara smiles and foes but sees ragini’s dress coming out of the closet

Swara: tum bhi na lo

She will go to open the closet but the person goes and stands near it she opens slightly and puts the cloth in and closes

Swara gets doubt but she goes

Time forward

It was time for the dulhan to got down to the mandap

The ladies came and took her down but swara stayed to see what is in the closet

But dadi called her so she went before opening

Laksh was eager to see ragini but was a bit shcoked when he didnt really find her gorgeus even though her face was covered

He was doubtful if it was ragini

The person sat down

They exchanged the malas

And then they were taking pheras

Swara ran upstairs to see whats in the closet

When she opened it she was utter shocked to see ragini there


The pheras r done laksh had to put the magalsutra

But he didnt feel like

Swara ran down and shouted

Woh ragini nahin hein!

Everyone looked at her

Laksh without wasting time tok her ghungat off

Everyone including kavithya were shocked (kavitha and aditya)

It was……meera!!! ( many might have guessed it before )

Laksh slapped her

Laksh: ragini kaha hein

He ran to ragini’s room and took her to hospital as they didnt know what happened to her

Swara also slapped meera and they called the police

Ragini got hosh in few hours

Laksh was really tensed even though it was only chloroform as he didnt know

She was just murmuring laksh s name

Laksh went in and kissed her forehead

He then took her hand and started talking to her asking what happened

Ragini: woh…..jab mein… straighten kar…rahi…thi tab….meera ne mujh par chlorform lagaya….i fell on the ground….fir i got hurt a bit on the head too….then….um…i dont know

He kisses her hand and informs the police

End of the part one of special episode

Guys next part might be the end part but i will soon be back with a raglak ff

Precap: special episode

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  1. Awesome dr… That meera hw cud she do that but thnk god swara came on tym.. N our raglak got united ?.. Wht u r ending this ff??? IT is too gud yr but u r cmng with a nw one na isliye it’s ok i forgave u ??.. Thnq so much dr 4 this wonderful ff

  2. Please come back with another raglak ff

  3. Awesome ff tvisha… Loved it a lot…please show some raglak scene after marriage and then end the story… Please it’s a request

  4. Oo u sacred mee but u gave me happy ending awesome epi..

  5. Awesome episode dear and eagerly waiting for next episode

  6. Pls dont end it yaar

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