Pyaar Ki Pechchan – chapter 15


Hey guys here is an other part of my ff as i didnt post it yesterday i will ‘try’ to post two parts but not sure

Pyaar ki pehchaan
Chapter 15

Recap: ragini stuck in meera s plan
Adi return
Sangeet over

After sangeet
All guests were leaving

After everyone went

Ragini went to lucky

Ragini; laksh…..mujhe aap se kuch zaroori baat karni hein……..can we go to ur room

Laksh: sure……

They go to lucky’s room

Adi follows them and listens to them from out he will be standing near the door

Lucky: bolo……ragini

Ragini: woh laksh…………i…….love……u

Laksh thought he was dreaming he rubbed his eyes : k….kya…..bola tumne

Ragini: i love u laksh

Laksh jumped in the air with joy and hugged ragini she smiled and hugged him back

Aditya was in shock he ran from there and started crying in the balcony

Kavitha saw this and went to him asking why is he weeping

Heartbroken he told everything

Kavitha also wept

When aditya asked her she told i love laksh and u love ragini thats why

He was shocked and said par meera loves him na…..

Ya yet i love him

And i know meera……she will seperate them and make lucky hers

I know ur pain we can seperate them if u want adi i will support u u want ragini and i laksh

Adi: shut up kavita……..why did u change soo much………i….i thought u were ragini’s best friend but……u turned out to be a phsyco……..cheee yaar

Kavitha: she was my bff not now she stole my lucky

Adi: no u r trying to steal lucky….he loves her and she also…u cant do this

Kavitha: no…..i neard him telling meera its a plan…..but…….then he told he lo…..ves her…… can i do this to my best friend……

She weeps

Adi consoles her

Kavitha starts liking adi

Meera sees all this and fumes in anger

Meera: ab yeh kisi bhi kaam ka nahin hein

Laksh room
After the hug…

Ragini: i have to leave bye laksh

He smiles: bye ragini

She goes

At baadi
Ragini: laksh i shuldnt do this par tumhe ek lesson dena hi padega……warna tum sudroge nahin……

Yes……its a plan…..i wont come into ur trap again…..mein bhi drama kar rahi hoon……

She calls swara and tells her plan

Swara gets worried she tells this to sanskaar

Swara decides to check lucky if he really loves ragini so she gies to his room

Laksh room
He will be talking to ragini’s photo

Swara over hears it

Laksh: i M sooo happy mrs.laksh maheswari ab tum wholeheartedly meri banne wali ho i love u sooooo much mana ki meera ko jhoot kaha mera pyaar jhoota nahin

Ab hum lovers hein toh photo se baat kyun directly call karoonga but he checks the time it was late

Laksh: are yaar theek hain kal call karta hoon ragu goodnight

He goes to sleep

Swara who listens runs to her room crying and tells sanskaar everything

Swara hits her head saying: ragini ek galti kar rahi hein kaise roke usse ab

Sanskaar: sach mat batao usse she wont trust us we have to plan something to get them close dont worry we have lot of time we have to see she doesnt tell she is acting anyways marraige toh hojayega na

Swara: so we have to become cupids for them nice spati ji

Sanskaar : thanks miss patni

Next day
It was mehendi

Swara was also present their with her in laws and ragini’s too

Everyone were happy but ragini was upset as she had to leave her maika soon

Swara consoled her

All the girls had gala time

In her mehendi laksh’s name was hidden

The day went sweetly

End of the chapter

I know guys its really short and i got in a big twist but don’t worry our cupids r on their plan hope u liked it?

Precap: haldi ceremony
Raglak nok jhok
Meera gets to know ragini proposed to laksh 

Credit to: Tvisha

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