Pyaar Ki Pechchan – chapter 14


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Pyaar ki pehchhan
Chapter 14

Recap: sangeet practice
Laksh starts loving ragini
Meelak convo
It was night and as ragini was staying there swasan and raglak spent quality time BH playing STD

They were tired now

So swara told ragini to come and sleep with her

Sanky: no ways yeh kya ragini tumhari behen ko kaho na to sleep with me

Swara: toh where will ragini sleep

Sanky: with lucky

Ragini: kya?!

Swara: kya…..par they r not shaadi shuda na….

Sanky: u r telling as if they will sleep on the Same bed now come yaar I am sleepy

Ragini: par jiju

Sanky takes swara away

Ragini is upset

Laksh : chalo ragini

She was helpless so she went with him

Swasan room

Swara: pagal ho kya lucky ne itna kuch kiya meri ragu ke saath aur

Sanky: trust me shona nothing will happen

Swara: ok let’s sleep

They go to sleep

In raglak room
Ragini was preparing the bed lucky wuld sleep on the couch

Suddenly lights go

Lucky: arey yeh lights bhi na

Suddenly ragini shouts

Ragini: aaaaaaa

Laksh: kya hua

Ragini: laksh u know na…….I am scared of dark

Laksh has a good laugh : oh haa

Ruko I will get the candle

He will be going but ragini hugs him real tight

Ragini: pls mat jao I am scared

Laksh will be lost in the hug

Ragini shakes him: theek hain??!

Laksh: ok par light chahi ye na yaar

Suddenly uttara comes and gets candld she will be shocked to see them lost in their hug

Ragini also felt good when they saw uttara they broke the hug

Laksh: uttara manners knock karje aani chahiye

Uttara: knock to mein ne 100 baar kiya u guys were soo lost tht u didn’t hear

Raglak blush

She gives the candle and goes away

By the strong wind it blows off and it is pitch dark

Ragini again hugged him tightly

Now he was soo melted by her cuteness he hugged her back

They shared a long passionate hug

Laksh broke it and cupped her face there

He opened the window with one of his hand

The moonlight was enough to see each other’s face

They had an eyelock

Laksh kisses her on her forehead

Ragini blushes

Laksh: I know u still love me

Ragini gets shy and hugs him

She forgets everything he did to her

The lights come back suddenly her phone started ringing she smiled at laksh and went to pick it up and saw it was adi

He’d past flashed back in laksh hugged her from back but she pushed him

Ragini: not again laksh

Laksh: ragini look
He cups her face
I am sorry but u have changed me I luv u

Ragini gets ready eyes

Ragini: la…..laksh I need time

And she goes to the bed to sleep

Laksh feels bad

He also goes for be couch

Ragini silently cries

Next day
Swara wakes them up and they all do a final practice

Just then adi enters

He enters when it was Jodi practice

He gets heartbroken

But ragini sees him and after the practice with excitement she runs to him

Laksh feels jealous

Ragini: finally I thought u won’t come bestie ke sangeet bunk nahin Kara na so good do we r still besties and smiles

They have a small convo

Laksh was angry

He went to ragini and called her for practice

She could see the jealousy in his eyes

She went with him

Now adi was jealous

Seeing this meera was confused when kavitha took her to aside and told her laksh s real feelings

Meera was sooo angry with raglak

She wanted laksh in any situation

Meera: I know what to do ab laksh ko block nahin Kar paaye tob kya ragini ko block Kar loongi and she smirks

Sangeet time ragini looks gorgeous in her dress she comes down with laksh who is wearing a sherwani

Everyone dance and have a gala time

Now it was Jodi dance time

Raglak start dancing

Ragini sees the love in his eyes and feels Lucky’s love for her she thinks he is only right for her and decides to tell him about it

Their performance was over

Only three people were jealous kaveera and adi

Meera went to ragini and told she wanted to talk to her

So they went aside

Meera: ragini laksh is cheating u again don’t love him

Ragini: kya bol rahi ko tum

Meera: this is for revenge only I can show u the proof

Ragini: wait par tumhe meri itni concern kyun??

Meera: mein bhi SK ladki boon na

Ragini: theek hain proof dikha

She shows the video she took of laksh while he told her it is a plan

Ragini cries : I hate u laksh tum itne ghatiya ho huh I thought I changed no

She goes away

Meera smirks

End of the chapter

Precap: arrangements of raglak marraige
Lucky is hurt by ragini
Swara gets to know how much laksh loves ragini


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