Pyaar Ki Pechchan – chapter 13


I will try to be regular with my ff sorry for lateness and shortness of a chap

Pyaar ki pehchaan
Chapter 13

Recap: kaveera (kavitha and meera) plan
Sangeet practice
Lucky tells ragini that he loves her


It was time for Jodi practice meera was angry because lucky confessed to ragini his feelings everyone were getting prepared the sir was showing them the steps and raglak will enter last so they were watching when meera pulled him aside

Kavitha was dancing

She takes him aside as all of them were taking time to learn the steps

Meelak convo (meera and laksh)

Meera: lucky what happened to the cool lucky and……and ur revenge……she slapped u baby…….how….how can u love her…….how can u betray me

Laksh: betray and u baby……never…….u r always with me…….and ya…..I am on my revenge plan…..once again I will make her fall in love with me and……betray

Meera hugs him and goes

Lucky to himself: mein usse sach mein pyaar karta hoon meera agar sach mein batadoonga u will spoil our marraige I have to get ragini fall in love again

Lucky leaves

Kavitha listens everything she came away from middle of the dance and heard all this she hated ragini twice than before now

The only way she could stop was by telling meera

Now raglak entry in the dance

Their solo performance starts

The situation becomes soo romantic

Ragini feels her love again she feels shy and bends down

They keep practicing without a mistake

Then ragini sees into his eyes and remembers the past suddenly she pushes him and starts running but lucky catches her waist and pulls her really close

Their faces were only a inch far

Ragini was really tensed she looked down

This all was not even the part of the dance but everyone liked it

Laksh was dancing when the sing was over

In shyness ragini ran to the terrace

She went and started crying

Everyone laughed seeing her shyness but never knew she was crying

She weeped a lot

Ragini: kyun……laksh…..why do u make me fall in love with u……I….I….can’t bear the pain again……I luv u laksh……but that was past now I hate u…..

Laksh: no u love me

Ragini sees him and will be going away when laksh runs to her crying and gives her a hug from back

Ragini frees herself and goes away

Laksh weeps a lot…..

Sangeet practice is done

Ap: beta ragini tum bohot than gayi na aaj idhar ruk kyun nahin jaati

Laksh immideatly: yea…..yea mom good idea

Ragini glared at him: par…..dadi…..aur….maa

Dadi: laado….tu ruk ja……saas ki baat manle

Ragini: theek hein dadi…..

End of the chapter

Precap: sangeet day
Raglak moments
Kavitha tells about lucky to meera
Meera plans something

Thank u guys fr liking my ff

I added raglak scenes cause I felt it was lacking and do read the next chap for more raglak scenes

And sorry guys I totally forgot about adi he will come in next chap

Credit to: Tvisha

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