Pyaar Ki Pechchan – chapter 11


Hey guys here u go with the next part of pyaar ki pehchhan

Pyaar ki pehchhan
Chapter 11

Recap: raglak engagement
Meera entry
Adi proposing to ragini


At night ragini was still worried about kavitha

She called her….

After two missed calls she picked it………

Ragini: hello………hello kavitha…….thank God tumne phone lift kiya

Kavitha( in angry tone): kya hein??

Ragini: tum mujhse naraaz kyun ho…….pls pls batao…….u r my bestie na….

Kavitha: ok tum itna hi chahti ho ki tumhe pata chale ki reason kya hein then ok……. Kal mere ghar aana

Ragini: ok…….bye….gud….

She cuts the call

Ragini couldn’t even say gud night to her bestie so she felt bad

After sometime she called swara they discussed things and she slept

Next morning
Ragini hurriedly woke up and got ready

She was expecting kavitha’s call to know the timings when to got to her house

Her phone rang suddenly

She ran to her phone and picked it up……

Ragini: hello kavitha…..kab aana hein…..?

Adi: ragini….mein adi…

Ragini : oh tum…..bye I am sorry can’t talk right now…..

She cuts the call

Adi feels bad

Again her phone rings now it’s kavitha

Ragini: hello kavitha….kab aao

Kavitha: itni excited…..huh…..theek hain ab hi aajao…….

Ragini cuts the call and reaches her house by an auto

She quickly runs upstairs

And finds kavitha

Ragini: hi…kavitha

Kavitha: let’s go straight to the point

Ragini: ok naraaz kyun ho mujhse

Kavitha: kyun ki u r a dhoke baaz

Ragini: dokebaaz?

Kavitha: yes…..u…..u…..stole my lucky

Ragini: my lucky…..?

Kavitha: haan…..I luv him…..aur….aur ab tum usse shaadi kaise …..I hate u ragini

Ragini gets heartbroken

Kavitha: badla loongi zaroor mein and lucky ko paake rahoongi

Ragini cries and runs away

She goes to her house and cries saying I hate u…..hate u lucky

At lucky room
He stares at the ring put by ragini

He smiles and remembers the times he and ragini were bffs

Then he remembers the thing he did to ragini

And then the slap

Now the slap took away all the guiltiness he had

He said Ms.ragini gadodia hamare shaadi ke liye kuch hi din left then see the torture created by me

He smirks

Swara listens to him and gets shocked yet confused

She goes to the room and tells sanky everything and she even calls ragini

Their convo:

Swara: ragini when I was passing by lucky s room

narrates everyrhing

Ragini: di…. And she starts weeping she tells everything what happened even what kavitha did

Swara: tumne itna bada baath chupayi ragini

Sanskaar also heard this it was on speaker

They were shocked

End of the chap

Precap: sangeet practice
Raglak moments
Adi jealous

Hope u guys liked it

Credit to: Tvisha

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