Pyaar Ki Pechchan – chapter 1


Pyaar ki pehchhan
Chapter one
Meera is roop durgapal
Hope u guys like it

A beautiful girl is wearing her jhumkas and getting ready for her college her beautiful eyes r shown she is wearing a white churidar with a purple chuni which is very pretty suddenly her face is shown she is really pretty

Suddenly a voice is hear

Shoumi: ragini beta 3rd year ka first day hein na jaldi ready ho yeh year bohot zaruri hein toh jao bus choot jayegi

Ragini: theek hai maa jati hoon meri sis swara SE baat karlu USS ki new married life ki puch tach karlu phir jaaongi

Shoumi: lado aake baat karlo ab xhalo college jao

Ragini: theek hai maa

And takes aashirvaad of her and others elders and runs to the bus stop where her best friend is standing

Ragini: hi kavitha
And hugs her

Kavitha: ragini mein NE socha ki tum nahin aaogi first time late ho

Ragini: sorry sorry

They chit chat for sometime and the bus arrives
They get in they both take a seat and the bus arrives at college after sometime

They go to their college and r very happy excited for their new year as soon as they entered they saw many boys on bikes ready to rag others

Ragini and kavitha were tension free as no one could rag them as they were 3 rd year

Suddenly ragini started blushing while passing past a bike which was crowded

Kavitha saw this and smiled to her self they went to the class and sat down

Then the most popular gang came in there was a really handsome boy he came and sat down the girl with him hugged him and said bye sweetheart girls and boys shuld sit differently and sat on the last bench even that guy sat at the back bench

They were lucky and meera

Ragini and kavitha sat at front they were really good at studies and ragini and other girls except kavitha got jealous seeing this kavitha was laughing seeing ragini

Teacher comes and they have classes at the break everyone r outside ragini and kavitha were walking by lucky when lucky called ragini

Ragini was shocked at that time meera was some where else

Ragini slowly walks to him but she suddenly trips and lucky catches her by her waist

Ragini gets tensed both have an eyelock lucky had a different feeling he was mesmerised seeing her cause whenever lucky was there ragini used to bend her head down with shyness

Kavitha saw meera coming and pulled ragini kavitha said thanks and dragged ragini and took her to a side

Even lucky saw meera coming so he said thanks to kavitha

After break in class
Teacher: students u r the most noisy class so I will make the pairs

Everyone were shocked

Teacher: I will make u guys sit like one boy and one girl and no excuses get that?

Class: yess mam (with disappointment)

Mam makes meera sit with rohit whom she hates the most as he is the 2nd most popular after lucky even rohit hates her

Mam makes raglak sit together

Meera comes to mam and bangs the table saying lucky is mine he will sit with me only and that’s final

Teacher: well meera agar tumhe usske saath behtna he toh class ke bahar behto if u r not obeying my words then out of my class

Meera: huh and goes to her place

Ragini will be really happy as she will sit with him

Lucky: hey! Sup tum bohot padaku ho u know help me with studies mein bohot karab hoon

Ragini: theek hain

Lucky: BTW Bhai aut bhaabhi bohot Kush hein

Ragini smiles college ends

Gadodia house

Ragini was very happy

Maheshwari house
Lucky thinks ragini is cute

Swara sees lucky lost in thoughts and says

Swara: pyaar ho gaya kya lucky

Lucky: nahin bhaabi

Swara: don’t worry hojayega jab mein tumhare Bhai ke saath ho thing hoon same feeling and goes away smiling
Swara is shocked Ragini didn’t call her

Ragini was in her thought s

End of the chapter
Meera insults ragini and her family
Lucky slaps meera

Hope u liked it pls tell me if I shuld continue or not

Credit to: Tvisha

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