pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-9

Dev wakes up.
Dev-how are you feeling?
Sona tries to get up. Dev helps her.
Sona-better but still a little bit giddy.
Dev-you are going to take rest today. I’ll be there with you the whole day.
Sona-if I take rest who will take care of maa? And who will go to office? I don’t want to be the reason of you loss.
Dev-jaan your health is more important to me.
Hearing this Sona’s eyes well up with tears.
Dev-arre why are you crying? *wipes her tears*
Sona- I never thought there will be someone who will love me so much *starts crying again*
Dev-sshh. Don’t cry or else even I will start crying.
Sona hugs him.

Dev-I love you jaan.
Sona-I love you too jaan.
Dev-get fresh then we have to go to the hospital
Sona-hospital? Why hospital?
Dev-we have to get some tests done to know why did you fall unconscious yesterday?
Dev-you get ready in my bedroom, I’ll get some other clothes for you.
Dev and Sona reach the hospital.
Sona-Dev actually….
Dev-now what.
Sona-I am scared of injections.
Dev-what is the story behind this?
Sona-no story I just can’t take the pain.
Dev-ok I’ll take care of that.
Sona-I trust you
Dev-lets go.

Before the blood test, Sona clutches Dev hand really tight.
Dev-Sona look into my eyes.
Sona looks in Dev’s eyes
Blood is taken from Sona.
Dev-your blood was taken also.
Sona-huh. So fast. I didn’t even realize.
Dev-see I told you. Now lets wait for the report.
Dev and Sona wait for the reports.
Nurse-Miss Sonakshi Bose?
Nurse-your reports have come and the doctor is calling you inside.

Precap-what would be in the reports?

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