pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-8


Dev-yes, seven lives
Sona-now that we are engaged… I think I should leave the job.
Dev-what why?
Sona-Dada is earning well so there is no need for me to work.
Dev-but your patient still needs you after all you are our family nutritionist.
Sona-why are you over reacting I just said I will leave the job not your house.
Dev-what do you mean?
Sona-I mean since that now we both are engaged I will not take any salary from you. I will continue coming over here but will not take any money.
Sona-we can save the money for our future.
Sona-we will need that money to spend on our wedding, our child’s education and wedding, etc etc
Dev-our child…
Sona (feeling dizzy)-Dev.
Sona faints and falls to the ground.
Everyone look on shocked.
Dev picks up Sona in his arms and takes her to his room.
Everyone follow him.

Dev is sitting beside Sona.
Ishwari, Dadi, Asha, Bijoy, Sourav, Elena-Sona! Wake up Sona!
Nikki, Ria, Neha-Bhabhi! Please wake up bhabhi.
Dev-Nikki call Dr. Sinha
Dr. Sinha arrives.
Dev-Dr. Sinha will my Sona be alright?
Dr. Sinha-there is nothing to worry about Mr. Dixit, Sona’s Blood Pressure had decreased due to stress. She will be unconscious for sometime and then give her proper food and she will be back to normal. By the way Mr. Dixit what is going on in your house?
Dev-actually it was mine and Sona’s engagement.
Dr. Sinha-congratulations.
Dev-thank you. I’ll be with Sona for sometime.
Dr. Sinha-yah sure, I’ll leave.
Dev-thank you doctor.
Sona wakes up next day in the morning.
Dev is sleeping on the chair in his room near Sona.
Sona sees him and smiles.

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  2. Superb plz precap bhi Doo naa

  3. Lovely the episode was angell
    Please try and write a precap as well if u get the the time

  4. Lovely the episode was angell
    Please try and write a precap as well if u get the the time ..

  5. Ohh blood pressure..I thought..?

  6. Awesome episode Angell n ya do post a precap to arouse the interests of the readers

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