pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-7

Dev-that does feel really good.
Sona-See I told you.
Dev-I am feeling very sleepy
Sona-Go to sleep.
One Week Later.
Bijoy-what happened?
Asha-why aren’t you ready yet?
Bijoy-I’ll get ready
Asha-we are already late.Dev’s family would be waiting for us.
Yes it is Devakshi’s Engagement.
Sona is talking to Dev on the phone.
Dev-are you ready Sona?
Sona-keep another name for me, everyone calls me Sona, I want you to call me by some other name.
Dev-hmm..So let’s see what should I call you?
Sona-how about jaan?
Sona-I can’t wait to see you.
Dev-me too
Sona-I love you
Dev-I love you too.
Sona-see you soon.
Dev-see you soon meri jaan.
At the Dixit Household.
Bose Family has arrived and Dev and Sona have already exchanged the rings.
Sona-how is this ring looking on me?
Dev-good. But it does not look good on you.
Sona-how cheesy.
Dev tickles Sona.
Sona-Dev no
Dev-why. Abhi toh puri life mere saath bitani hai(now you have to spend your whole life with me)
Sona-saath janam(seven lives)

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  1. So short?di not acceptable!!you are one of the best Writers and your ff is so short!

    1. Thanks Nishi… I like your ff too…..i couldn’t write more as i was very sleepy…. I’ll try to make the next one as long as possible

  2. Partho

    Short hai lekan accha hai

  3. Nice but it was short. Keep writing.

  4. Bhoomi

    Superb… Post next one soon….

  5. Short episode but nice…

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