pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-6


Next morning
Sona reaches Dixit household.
Ishwari-arre Nutrition zara idhar aana.
Sona-aayi Aunty ji
Sona reaches Ishwari’s room.
Sona-what is all this Auntyji??
Ishwari-these are magazines with engagement rings in it choose which one you like.
Sona-but Auntyji how can I take this ring.
Ishwari-why not beta after all you are going to be the bahu of this house.
Sona (shyingly)-umm. Actually Auntyji (showing her left hand) Mr.Dixit I mean Dev I mean Mr.Dixit already gave me a ring
Ishwari-why are you so confused? This ring is only for proposal ,engagement is also going to happen for that I am asking you the ring you like.
Sona-actually Auntyji let Mr.Dixit only decide the ring.
Ishwari-Dev… call him Dev. After all he is your Fiancée.
Sona-yes auntyji.
Ishwari- I will not eat food from today.
Sona-why auntyji??
Ishwari-I will only eat food if you call me maa.
Sona-yes Auntyji I mean maa.
Dev-what chat is going on between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law?
Sona-nothing maa was asking me to select a ring for our engagement.

Dev gets happy hearing Sona calling Ishwari maa.
Ishwari-I’ll leave now. I have some work.
Sona-even I have to go to the kitchen.
Ishwari-u sit. Choose the ring and then come.
Ishwari leaves. Dev goes and bolts the door.
Sona-Dev no
Sona-we are not even engaged yet.
Sona-I don’t think this is right
Dev-fine Sona.
Sona- well we could do something.
Dev(getting excited)-what?
Sona-I can massage your head to relieve the stress.
Sona massages Dev’s head.

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  1. Angel20

    ??? Loved it to the core..

  2. Smileflakes

    Good episode
    Loved it …

  3. Hey Angell it was good, but you should have make it a bit long.

  4. Partho

    Very nice enjoyed it

  5. It was really cute..awwwww sona massaging Dev’s head.

  6. So cute… Try to make it longer….

  7. Simplesweety1

    nice 🙂 please do read and review my ff also its name is Kya Ma Manengi ……. A Devakshi FF
    thank u

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