pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-5


Recap-Dev picks up Sona in his arms.
Sona-Dev. Put me down
Sona-Dev please put me down.
Dev-I want something in return.
Dev-whatever you choose it is a win win situation for me.
Sona-what do you want?
Dev-A kiss.
Sona-what no..
Dev-then stay in my arms until we reach our destination.
Dev takes Sona to some location.
Sona-now can I open my eyes.
Sona(removes the ribbon from her eyes)Dev what is this??
Dev-your surprise!
It is a hotel booked completely for Sona.
Sona-OMG!Dev this is amazing…. I love you
Dev –I love you too
Dev & Sona have their first date together. They dance on a romantic song have an eyelock and enjoy their moments together.
Actually while waiting for Dev to come she slept on the couch in Dixit household.
Dev-don’t you want to go?
Sona-we were there na? (looks around) oh god it was a dream!
Dev-what dream?
Sona-I saw a dream that I was pissed off at you and you gave me a surprise.
Dev-oh! Do you want to make that dream real??
Sona-because it was a dream let it be a dream. I got you that is more than enough for me.
Dev-how romantic!
Sona-ab chale??
Dev-haan lets go.
Dev and Sona go to a restaurant.
Dev-what do you want to eat?
Sona-anything you like.
They finally have their first “real”date.(which is not a dream).

Precap-Ishwari & Sona chat.

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  1. Angel20

    Wow it was amazing!!??

  2. It was superb.. especially sona’s dream

  3. Hi you should not make it a dream it was so romantic. But I liked it.

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow awesome angell

  5. Bhoomi

    Superb Angell..

  6. LovelyLady

    nyc dear

  7. nice episode… sona was dreaming 🙂 post soon

  8. Angell

    Thank you everyone!!!! Your comments really matter. I’ll post the next one soon..

  9. Nice episode… was just a dream

  10. Nice superb???

  11. devakhi&swasan


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