pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-47

Hey Guys! yah yah i know i’m 10 days late but i started getting headache problems so i chose to stay away from the laptop and phone. Today’s Episode:
Dev: I’m Dev, Dev Dixit. May I know your good name too?
Sona: I’m Sonakshi, Sonakshi Bose but you can call me Sona.
Dev: why only me? Am I someone special?(smirking)
Sona: No just because you saved me from falling you are getting this privilege.
Dev: oh. So now we are friends right? (extending his hand)
Sona: yah. (Shaking his hand)
The lecturer enters the class and Devakshi stop talking. The lecture ends and Devakshi walk out together.
Sona: So Dev, what does your father do?

Dev: My father is the CEO of the Multi-National Company Dixit Pharmaceutical.
Sona: OMG! You are Raghuwar Dixit’s Son.
Dev: Don’t scream that out loud. I don’t want people to like me because I’m the heir to such a big company.

Sona: oh sorry. This will remain a secret amongst us only.
Dev: Thanks. By the way what does your dad do?
Sona: my dad is the CEO of Bose Enterprise.
Dev: OMG! You are the daughter of Bijoy Bose.
Sona: Dev don’t scream. I want people to know me the way I am.
Dev: so this remains a secret amongst us.
Sona: Dev do you realize my dad wanted to have a partnership with your father for quite a long time.
Dev: really? I’ll talk to dad about it.

Sona: if this deal happens then I will really be grateful to you.
Dev: Sona no need to be grateful. We’re friends after all.
Like this Devakshi spend their first day together since they are in the same field of business. They go to their respective homes and talk to their father’s about the merger. Both of them agree since they were keen themselves. Bijoy and Raghuwar meet and finalize the deal after a month(by then Sona and Dev have become best friends). Raghuwar calls Bijoy and his whole family at his house for dinner the next evening as their children are friends so it would be good if they meet the families and they can make their partnership into a family relation.

Next day evening, Bose family arrives in the Dixit household. Raghuwar introduces them to his wife, Ishwari Dixit and his child, Dev. Bose Family greets them and Bijoy introduces them to his family his wife, Asha and his child, Sona. Dev and Sona spend their time together. Asha and Ishwari hit the cord immediately. Dev shows Sona his room. Sona sees his room and is shocked.
Dev: So how did you like my room?
Sona: Like? I love it. It is just so elegant and classy.


50th episode will be the maha maha episode.

Countdown:3 for 50

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