pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-45


Hi guys! All due to your well wishes i did awsome in my maths paper. I lost only 0.5 mark! And I lost 1 mark in my last paper. And 5 episodes to half century.
Today’s Episode:
Sona realizes that Ishwari is talking about her and notices she wore the sari wrong. Sona blushes and runs upstairs. Ishwari laughs seeing her. She comes in the room and locks the door. Dev wakes up hearing the door close.
Dev-what happened Sona?
Sona-Dev because of you maa came to know what happened here.
She starts beating him with a pillow.
Dev-what did I do?

Sona-I wore the sari the wrong way because of you.
Dev-why because of me!
Sona-why do I love you so much that I can’t spend even a minute without seeing you.
Dev-I love you too.
Sona-now help me wear this sari properly.
Dev helps Sona wear the sari properly and they go down. Dev and Sona have their dinner while romancing under the table. They go back up. Sona hugs Dev.
Dev-kya hua Sona? Is everything alright?
Sona-yah everything is alright just…..

Sona-I want to be near you. I want to breathe your smell. I want to drown in your eyes. I want to be with you forever.
Dev-even I want to be with you forever.

Dev hugs Sona tightly and she buries her face in his chest feeling safe. Sona breaks the hug and kisses Dev’s cheek. Dev kisses her neck and they sit on the bed. Soon they fall asleep in each other’s embrace.
Devakshi (together)-Love bites!!
Sona-oh no! what will we do now? Why did you bite me so hard.
Dev-what me? You were the one who started it.
Sona-ab hum kya kare?(what will we do now)
Dev-kya kar sakte hain.(what will we do)
They come to a conclusion that they will hide the bite. Sona hides the bite with a scarf and Dev hides it with his collar. They come down.

Nikki-bhabhi why are you wearing this scarf.
Sona(speaking softly as if she has a sore throat)-I have a sore throat
Ishwari-Sore throat! I’ll make kadha sore throat will run away.
Sona-no no maa. I’ll have medicine. I’ll be fine by tomorrow.
Ishwari-this kadha will make you fine immediately. I’ll just get it.
Sona glares at Dev. Ishwari gets the kadha. Sona squeezes her eyes and gulps it down. Dev is laughing. Sona finishes the kadha. She sees Dev laughing. She chases Dev. They run inside the bedroom. Sona slips and is about to fall but Dev catches her. He pulls her and she hits his chest. He hugs her. Sona is shocked initially but she could sense the panic in Dev and hugs him back.

Precap-Jealous Dixit

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