pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-44


Hey Guys! Happy Janmashtami! So I finally got time to post today. Wish me luck as my Maths paper is there tomorrow and I suck at Maths. But it’s my second last paper and my prelims will start from 6th of September so I’m packed that week. Anyways, I’ll be commenting on your FF soon. Today’s episode:
Doctor comes and gives a glucose injection to Sona. Doctor leaves. Dev is sitting next to Sona. Sona wakes up. Dev makes her sit.
Dev-Sona why didn’t you eat anything huh? Are you crazy?
Sona-It was my fight with god for you. And yes I am crazy in your love. I can’t live without you Dev. Tumse ek pal bhi main dur nahi rehna chahti hoon.(I don’t want to stay away from you). I was so scared when you didn’t come home and that was the first thing I thought.
Dev-now eat something. Wait I’ll get it.
Dev gets a plate of food for Sona. He feeds it to her and she feeds it to him. They share an eyelock. Their romance continues.

Dev-where is Anushka?
Sona-the atmosphere was tensed over here and Ranveer’s niece and nephew insisted to play with Anushka so she is at Neha and Ranveer’s house. Now that you’re here I’ll ask Neha to get her.
Dev and Sona come down.
Ishwari-arre beta why did you both come down? Go back up. You both need rest.
Sona-maa even you need rest.
Ishwari-I don’t need rest.
Sona-even we don’t need rest. Right Dev?
Sona turns to see Dev but he’s not there.
Ishwari-see he listened to me. Now go back up.
Sona-fine maa.
Sona goes back up. She sees candles everywhere in the bedroom. Dev comes from behind and locks the door. Sona turns to see him.
Sona-Dev what is all this?
Dev-Anushka is also not there. Maa has asked us to take rest so she’ll think that we are sleeping. Nikki has gone to college. Ria is at work. Now there is only you and me and no one will disturb us.
Sona-but Dev if anyone sees us then?
Dev-we are legally married Sona.
Dev-Sona yaar what is this.
Sona-ok ok baba. Let me change first.

Dev(naughtily)-what is the need to change. Either ways…..
Sona kisses him before he can say something else(no adult content)
Dev continues kissing her. Dev and Sona move behind and Dev falls on the bed. Sona laughs. Dev pulls her hand and she falls on him. They share an eyelock. They get lost in each other’s eyes. They remove the barriers between them and make intense love for the first time in 8 months. They enjoy their time with each other. They fall asleep after some time. Sona wakes up. She sees Dev sleeping peacefully and smiles. Sona gets ready and goes down. Ishwari sees her. Ishwari starts smiling looking at Sona. Sona sees Ishwari.
Sona-what happened maa? Why are you smiling? Did you remember something funny?
Ishwari-no it’s just that I have a daughter in law who wore her sari the other way around.

Precap-Sona beats Dev.

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  1. Nice.

  2. Manya

    Superbbbbb and I too suck at maths ?all the best ?and I am not able to understand the precap so post ASAP and do tell me how was ur maths exam ??

  3. Varsha94

    Awww.. That’s cute… Loved the Epi.. Dev s hell romantic..?.. And all the best for ur Math paper..UL do ur best this time.. And Happie janmashtami to u as well…?

  4. best of luck for ur exam may you have great marks and the episode is very nice and romantic

  5. Aaru

    Wow, it was awesome..but I miss anushka..

  6. Nice episode
    All the best for your exam
    Do tell how was your test

  7. Sharica

    Beautiful. Best of luck for math. And don’t worry about the math. Enjoy and understand it u will find it the easiest one?

  8. Nice episode ??????. And best of luck for your exam and agree maths sucks but still I opted maths over biology ??

  9. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee update asap and best of luck for your prillims and and the last paper too

  10. Simplesweety1

    Loved It! Awesome Episode! Update Soon! And Yeah! All The Best For Your Paper’s! Wish Me All The Best Too! Coz My First Paper Is Of Maths On 14th September! I Also Suck At Maths 😀

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