pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-43


Hey guys! I know that you all will hit me with all of your joota and chappal but i have my exams going on so I don’t have time even to read your fan fictions. I know it is bad but its my 10th grade so I have no other option. Ok so I have decided i will post my fan fiction every Thursday and Sunday. And i will try to comment as much as possible on your FF.
Todays episode will be short but i will post a longer one tomorrow(maybe). Today’s Episode:
Sona-agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh main toh mar jaati(if anything would have happened to you then I would have died)

Dev kisses her lips to stop her from talking. Dev breaks the kiss.
Dev-if you ever say that again then I will never talk to you. For me you, maa, Anushka, Ria, Nikki and Neha are my priorities. I will never leave you
Sona-but Dev do you even know how tensed I was. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. *Sona starts to cry*
Dev cups her face and wipes her tears. Sona looks at Dev and starts crying vigorously. Dev hugs her. Sona continues crying. Dev hugs her tightly and tries to console her. Sona faints due to lack of energy and crying excessively. Dev notices that Sona is not crying and detaches himself from her. Sona’s body doesn’t move and Dev gets concerned. He makes Sona lie down and opens the door.
Dev-maa! Sona….

Ishwari rushes up.
Ishwari-Sona kya??(what about Sona)
Dev-Sona behosh ho gayi hai(Sona fainted)
Ishwari-I told her to eat something but she will listen to me as if.
Dev-Sona didn’t eat anything?
Ishwari-Sona did not eat anything since the time she got to know that you are missing.
Dev-what! Is she crazy?
Ishwari-she is crazy but in your love Dev. She cannot stay even for a day without you. I told her that even I wont eat anything but she fed me forcefully.
Dev-I should call the doctor.

Precap-Dev feeds Sona food

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  1. Aaru

    Emotional..very emotional

  2. i like ur ff very much plz post longer one plz..

  3. Manya

    Awww cho chweet ??and all the best for ur tenth i understand ab nhi padegi toh kab padegi aur agar nhi padi toh parents Zarur joota Chappal Marenge ??sorry just kidding give ur best ?

  4. Waiting for ur next epi

  5. very nice angell..whish u best of luck for ur exam.waiting for ur new long episode..don’t disappear again and post soon

  6. awwww sooo cute

  7. Simplesweety1

    Loved It! Sweet! 🙂

  8. Varsha94

    Awww too cute..lovely.. Devakshi r jus the best.. Post the next ASAP.. And do ur studies too well…?

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