pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-42


Sona-no. I will not eat anything till Dev arrives.
Saying that Sona runs to her room. Nikki is about to follow her but Ishwari stops her.
Ishwari-no use of stopping her. She will not listen to anyone but Dev.
Sona is tensed and she is trying to call Dev. His phone is now switched off.

Dev is shown sitting on a chair tied up. He is kidnapped. The kidnapper turns out to be Gujral. He is taking revenge
on Dev for breaking his daughter’s heart.
Sona tries desperately to find Dev. Dev struggles to get free. Dev and Sona are shown and Bolna from Kapoor & Sons is played in the background
Dev somehow manages to get back home after 2 days of torture. Sona sees him at the door and runs to him.
Sona-Dev what happened to you? Are you ok?
Dev is unable to tell anything and he faints.

Sona-Dev! Maa see what happened to Dev.
Sona takes him till the sofa and makes him sleep. She keeps his head on her lap. Nikki calls the doctor.
Sona-Doctor is my husband alright?
Doctor-there is nothing to worry. There is less glucose in the body hence he fainted. And Mrs. Dixit I heard from Ishwari ji that you have not eaten anything since 2 days. I’ll be prescribing some medicines to Mr.Dixit and you also have to take it.
Sona-I’m sorry doctor but being a nutritionist I will take care of my husband and myself too.
Doctor-oh yah I completely forgot that you are a nutritionist.
Doctor leaves from there. Sona is sitting in her room with Dev and is stroking his hair. Nikki, Ria and Ishwari come there with a plate of food.
Ria-bhabhi even Dev bhai came.Ab toh kuch kha lo(now eat something)
Sona-no Ria. Till the time Dev doesn’t get well I will not eat anything.
Ishwari-beta yeh kaisi zid hai. Kuch toh kha lo(what kind of stubbornness is this. Eat something now)
Sona-maa yeh meri zid nahi meri bhagwan se aapni pati ki jaan ki ladai lad rahi hoon(maa this is not my stubbornness it is my fight with god for my husband’s life)
Ishwari-par beta…
Sona-nahi maa. Aaj main kisi ki bhi baat nahi sunongi(no maa. I will not listen to anyone)
Ishwari-chalo Nikki, Ria tumhari bhabhi se baat karke kuch faayda nahi hone waala hai(lets go Ria, Nikki talking to your bhabhi will not be useful.)
Ishwari, Nikki and Ria leave. Sona is crying looking at Dev’s condition. She falls asleep crying.

Next Morning:
Dev wakes up and sees Sona sleeping next to him. Dev tries to move and Sona wakes up. She gets happy seeing him awake and hugs him tightly. Dev hugs her back. Sona breaks the hug.(the door is locked)
Sona-Dev tumhe pata bhi hai ki main kitni dar gayi thi jab tum ghar nahi aaye the toh(Dev do you even know how scared I was when you didn’t come home).
Dev-sorry Sona par ab main aa gaya hoon na(I’ve come now)

Precap-Sona is crying

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