pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-41


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Today’s Episode:
Sona-maa you don’t have to thank me. Even we wanted to have a child from quite a long time and finally we got what we needed.
Ishwari-God bless you beta. Now I’ll open the door or else Dev will try to find another way to enter the ward.
Ishwari opens the door and lets Dev and Sona spend some time together. Dev is holding Anushka and after some time she starts to cry.
Dev-Sona, why is Anushka crying?
Sona-look at your shirt.
Anushka has made Dev’s shirt wet. Dev looks at Anushka and she is looking at him innocently. Dev’s heart melts looking at her.

After some days Sona, Anushka and Dev come home. Neha comes there.
Neha-bhabhi give Anushka to me.
Ranveer-yah bhabhi let us also be with Anushka.
Sona-when am I saying no.*gives Anushka to Neha*
Neha-bhabhi she looks exactly like bhai.
Sona-even I think the same. But your bhai says that she looks like me.
Dev-she does look like you.
Ranveer-no Dev bhai. Neha and Sona bhabhi are right. Anushka does look like you.
Dev-why does everyone keep saying that???
Sona-everyone is saying that because it is true.
Anushka starts crying. Sona takes Anushka and goes to her bedroom. Neha understands why Sona took Anushka.

Sona in the room feeding Anushka and Dev walks in.
Sona-Dev close the door.
Sona-because I’m feeding Anushka.
Dev-oh ok.
Dev closes the door. Sona finishes feeding Anushka and Anushka falls asleep.
Dev-why do people say that Anushka looks like me? I think she looks like you.
Sona-people say that if you keep a picture of someone and and look at it when the mother is pregnant then the baby looks like the person in the picture.
Sona-Dev tumi ekdum impossible. If I’m saying that she looks like you then it means that I kept your photo.
Dev-aww. How Sweet.
Sona-now lets go out. Let Anushka sleep.
Dev-yah lets go.
Dev and Sona leave the room. They come down holding hands. Ranveer sees that and calls Dev.
Ranveer-Dev bhai!
Dev*snapping out of his world*-yes Ranveer.
Ranveer-actually Dev bhai I called you so that Neha could talk to Sona.
Dev gets embarrassed. Sona shies and goes inside the kitchen. Neha follows her.
Sona-what happened Neha? Any problems?
Neha-no bhabhi no problems I just came to see if you need help. After all you must be tired.
Sona-no no. I’m not tired.
Neha-bhabhi lets go out and sit.
Sona-yah lets go out.
Sona and Neha come out and sit next to their respective spouses. Ranveer keeps his hand on Neha’s hand. Neha hits his hand. He stares at her. Devakshi see them and smile remembering the way they used to fight when they were newly married. Dev coughs. Ranveer stops staring at Neha. Dev and Sona laugh and continue pulling Neha and Ranveer’s legs.

Next Morning:
Dev leaves for office and Sona is taking care of Anushka. Sona and Nikki share some light moments with Anushka. Mamaji has gone on a pilgrimage to repent for his wife’s and son’s sins and to pray for Dixit family’s well being. Ishwari has gone out for a satsang. Its evening and Ishwari, Nikki and Sona are waiting for Dev and Ria. Just then Ria comes home.
Sona-Ria where is Dev?
Ria-bhai didn’t come home yet? He left from office a long time ago to be with Anushka.
Sona-Dev is not even picking his phone. Pata nahi kidhar chale gaye hai.
Ishwari-Sona don’t take stress it will effect Anushka too.
Sona-if I don’t take stress then what should I do? Dev has not come home yet.
Ria-bhabhi its ok. Bhai must have got some urgent work. Bhabhi you should eat something.

Precap-What Happened to Dev?? Will he be ok?? To know more please stay tuned.

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