pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-39

Recap-Dev talks to the baby
Dev removes the blanket and sees that Sona’s legs are swollen.
Dev-Sona your legs. Maa!
Ishwari-what happened beta?
Dev-maa Sona’s legs!
Ishwari-oh god beta. This happens during the 7th month of pregnancy.
Ishwari puts some balm on Sona’s feet and her legs are able to move again.
Dev gets relieved. Sona goes to get ready. Dev takes her down and the whole day goes the same way it usually does.

2 months leap.
Sona’s due date is nearing but Sona doesn’t have any labor symptoms. Ishwari is tensed as there are no labor symptoms.
Ishwari-Dev you stay at home and do your work as Sona may go into labor any time.
Dev-even I was thinking the same thing.
Dev goes to Sona and tells her that he will be staying at home to take care of her. Sona agrees. In the evening: Dev is talking on the phone sitting next to Sona who is reading a magazine. Dev is talking on an important call. All of the sudden Sona keeps the magazine down and holds her stomach. Her face becomes pale. Sona clutches Dev’s hand. Dev looks at her. Dev ends the call.
Dev-jaan what happened? Are you ok?
Sona is getting breathless and she can’t speak anything

Dev-maa! Nikki! Ria! Sona ko…
All three rush in. Ishwari checks Sona’s pulse rate.
Ishwari-Dev take Sona to the hospital. She is in labor.
Dev carries Sona in his arms and makes her sit in the car. Ria and Nikki are beside her. Dev is driving the car and Ishwari is sitting next to him.
Sona-Dev my stomach is hurting very much. I can’t take the pain.
Dev-Sona its just a matter of some more time.
Sona-Dev do something I can’t take it anymore.
They reach the hospital and Sona is taken to the labor room. Dev is pacing outside. It’s been 3 hours but they can only hear Sona screaming in pain calling for Dev but the Doctor doesn’t let him in. Eventually the Doctor gives in and calls Dev inside. Dev goes inside and sees Sona drenched in sweat and when she sees him she extends her hand to him. Dev holds her hand.
Dev-Sona push!
Sona-Dev I can’t do it anymore.
Dev-Sona you have to try for me. For our baby.
Sona pushes as hard as she can. Sona is exhausted.
Dev-Sona push.
Sona-Dev I can’t do it anymore.
Dev-Sona please try.

Sona-I can’t do it. It’s paining a lot.
Dev-Doctor can’t you do something.
Doctor-Mr.Dixit can you apply pressure from your hands and try to push the baby.
Dev-I can try.
Dev pushes the baby. Only the legs of the baby come out. Dev sees that.
Doctor-Mr.Dixit just another strong push by Mrs.Dixit and your baby will come out.
Dev-Sona just one strong push.
Sona pushes.

Dev-come on Sona you can do it.
Sona pushes as hard as she can. The baby comes out after 5 hours of labor. Dev takes the baby in his hands. He shows the baby to Sona.
Dev-Sona our baby.
Sona starts crying and kisses the baby’s forehead. Sona is taken outside and the baby is in her arms. Sona is crying continuously. Ishwari takes the baby from Sona. Dev hugs Sona. Nikki also takes the baby in her arms.
Sona and the baby are taken to a private ward. The baby is kept in a cradle and Sona is crying. Dev is trying to console her.
Dev-Sona why are you crying so much?

Sona-I don’t know.
Dev-Sona you sleep for some time. You must be exhausted. 5 hours of labor is too much.
Sona-you also didn’t sleep. You also sleep.
Dev-you sleep first.
Sona sleeps and Dev is looking at his baby and Sona.
Dev goes to the doctor.
Dev-Doctor my wife is crying uncontrollably. Is there any reason for that to happen.
Doctor-Mr.Dixit it is a common effect after childbirth. The hormones change in the female’s body after childbirth. There is also a lot of exertion and sleep deprivation in the body so it happens.

Dev-ok doctor.
Dev comes back to Sona’s room. He is sleepy and falls asleep on the couch. Sona wakes up. She sees Dev sleeping and goes to the baby. She picks the baby up admiring her. Dev comes and holds the baby and Sona from behind.
Sona- Dev our family is now complete. You, me and our baby.
Dev kisses her.
Sona-Dev behave yourself we are in a hospital.

Dev goes and locks the door of the room.
Dev-now no one will come between us.
Sona-Dev it’s too early. I mean that we should not be doing this exactly after childbirth.
Dev-but Sona from the past 7 months….
Before Dev could complete his sentence Sona kisses him. Sona breaks the kiss.
Sona-after 3 weeks ok?
Sona-atleast tell me what will we name our baby? I mean the name we decided?
Dev-I was thinking that if Neha, Nikki and Ria decide the name then?

Precap-Devakshi decide the name of their child

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