pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-36


Recap-Sona is pregnant.
Sona gets happy and eats the whole chocolate but when two pieces are left she notices Dev and feeds it to him.
5 months later.
Sona is shown with a belly bump and wears Kurtis and Leggings as it is difficult for her to wear sari. Dev comes home early everyday so that he can spend some time with Sona and take her for walks so that she has some movements. Ishwari helps Sona is doing yoga. Nikki helps Sona with the household work. Neha visits everyday just to check on Sona. Ria is taking care of Sona’s cravings.
One night:
Sona wakes up at midnight and she wakes up Dev too.
Dev-what happened? Is everything ok?
Sona-no…. I want to eat ice cream!
Dev-jaan it’s too late to have ice cream. I’ll give it to you tomorrow pakka.
Sona-no I want it now. Now. Now
Dev-ok let me see in the kitchen.
Dev goes in the kitchen but there is no ice cream as Sona ate everything. Dev comes back up.
Sona-was it there?
Sona-I don’t know anything. I want it now.
Dev-do you wanna go out and see.
Dev helps Sona climb down the stairs and takes her to some restaurant to have ice cream. Dev stares at Sona as she eats her ice cream. Once she’s done:
Dev-shall we leave?
Dev pays the bill and they leave to go home. On the way Sona falls asleep. Dev sees that and smiles. They reach home and Dev carries Sona till the bedroom(see he is so strong). Dev makes Sona sleep on the bed and covers her. Dev sleeps beside her.
Next Morning.
Ishwari-Sona beta when is your godh bharai date?
Sona-Maa tomorrow.
Ishwari-so soon how will we do the preparations so fast??
Sona- maa don’t worry Dev has made all the preparations.
Sona goes up to the bedroom and Dev sees her at the door.
Dev-Sona! What are you doing? Why are you moving so much!
Sona-Dev its ok. I’m just a little bit tired that’s why I came back up.
Dev-ok come sit now.
Dev makes her sit and goes to the table in his room.
Dev-yes jaan.
Sona-what did you think for our child’s name?
Dev-what did you decide?
Precap-Sona’s Godh Bharai function

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